Janelle`s Page


Hi! I`m Janelle Berry from Brantford, Ontario Canada. I am currently on a one-year exchange program to Japan through the Rotary Club. I`m staying in Hakui on the western coast of Japan. Hakui has an 8km beach and a UFO museum, it`s nicknamed "The UFO TOwn". I`m having lots of fun so far. My host family, Mr. and Mrs. Matsushima are very nice.

The first picture on the left is Matsushima-san and some of the Rotary Club members meeting me at Komatsu Airport. The second picture is when I and Ayami-san, an exchange student going to Canada, meeting with the mayor of Hakui.

Ayami-san and I went to see the MayorNakanishi of Oshimizu Town. He seemed very nice. On the right is Chirihama beach which is 8km long.

This is part of my room. It`s quite big with a television and coach. I really like it.