CyberGumshoe's Mumblings in September/October 2013

William Harrison Dies

William Harrison died of kidney failure on October 22 at his home in Fayetteville, Arkansas. He wrote dozens of short stories and nine novels. His most famous short story may be "Roller Ball Murder" (originally published in the September 1973 issue of Esquire), which was made into the 1975 movie, "Rollerball" with his screenplay, directed by Norman Jewison, and remade in 2002. He also wrote the screenplay for "Mountains of the Moon" (1990) based on his own novel, BURTON AND SPEKE (St. Martin's, 1982) about explorer Sir Richard Burton and his companion John Hanning Speke. Another one of his short stories, "Texas Heat," (originally published in the Winter 2004/2005 issue of The Texas Review) was collected in THE BEST AMERICAN MYSTERY STORIES 2006 (Houghton Mifflin, 2006). I remember translating a couple of his short stories into Japanese about 30 years ago. His last novel was BLACK AUGUST (Texas Review Press, 2011). He was 79. (October 31, 2013)

Michael Palmer Dies

Michael Palmer died of complications from a heart attack and stroke on October 30 in New York, NY. He began writing while he was a practising internal medicine, starting THE SISTERHOOD (Bantam, 1982). EXTREME MEASURES (Bantam, 1991) was turned into the 1996 film of the same name, starring Hugh Grant, Genen Hackman and Sarah Jessica Parker. He published 18 medical thrillers so far and the last two, OATH OF OFFICE (2012) and POLITICAL SUICIDE (2013, both from St. Martin's), featured Dr. Lou Welcome, a physician in Washington, DC. His last (20th?) novel, RESISTANT, will be out posthumously in May 2014 from St. Martin's. He was 71. (October 31, 2013; Revised November 01)

Mick Herron Wins Gold Dagger

On October 24 in London, The Crime Writers Association of Britain (CWA) announced the winners of the second batch o fthe 2013 Dagger Awards as follows:

CWA Goldsboro Gold Dagger: DEAD LION, by Mick Herron (Soho Crime)
CWA Ian Fleming Steel Dagger: GHOSTMAN, by Roger Hobbs (Transworld)
CWA John Creasey Dagger: NORWEGIAN BY NIGHT, by Derek B. Miller (Faber and Faber)

Also announced were the winners of the 2013 Specsavers Crime Thriller Awards as follows:

Film Dagger: Skyfall
TV Dagger: Broadchurch
International TV Dagger: The Killing 3
Best Supporting Actor Dagger: Andrew Buchan for Broadchurch
Best Supporting Actress Dagger: Amelia Bullmore for Scott & Bailey
Best Actor Dagger: David Tennant for Broadchurch
Best Actress Dagger: Olivia Colman for Broadchurch
CWA Hall of Fame--"Living Legends": Martina Cole and Wilbur Smith
Crime Thriller Book Club Best Read: THE NECESSARY DEATH OF LEWIS WINTER, by Malcolm Mackay (Pan Books)

(October 25, 2013)

Al Navis Dies

Al Navis died of cancer on October 13 at Sunnybrook Hospital in Toronto, Canada. He was the owner of Handy Book Exchange in Toronto and the organizer of two Toronto Bouchercons in 1992 and 2004. He was 61. (October 23, 2013)

Mann Rubin Dies

Mann Rubin (b. December 11, 1927) died on October 12 in West Hills, Calfornia after a long illness. Of course, he was best known as a prolific writer for TV and movies, writing scripts for "Perry Mason," "The Fugitive," "The Mission: Impossible," "Quincy, M.E.," "The Rockford Files" and many many more. He was Edgar-nominated twice for "See the Man Run" in the TV feature category in 1972 and for "The First Deadly Sin" (based on the novel by Lawrence Sanders) in the motion picture category in 1981, and won the 1981 Edgar in the TV series episode for "A Step in Time" in the "Mannix" program. He wrote several short stories the 1950's and 60's for Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine and for Mike Shayne Mystery Magazine among others. He also authored FAST FRIENDS DIE SLOW (Mesa Vista Press, 1998), a private eye novel. He was 85. (October 15, 2013; Revised October 18)

Patricia Harrington Dies

Patricia Harrington died on October 06 after a short illness in Tacoma, Washington. The former school administrator wrote two novels featuring amateur sleuth Bridget O'Hern (DEATH STALKS THE KHMER, 2001; and DEATH COMES TOO SOON, 2005; both from AmErica House) and children's mysteries as well as short stories. She was an ex-chapter president of MWA Northwest. She was 79. (October 09, 2013)

Tom Clancy Dies

Tom Clancy died on October 01 at the Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland after a brief illness. He wrote his first novel, THE HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER (Naval Institute Press, 1984), featuring CIA analyst Jack Ryan while still working as an insurance agent. It became an instant bestseller and he had been regarded as a pioneer of techno-thrillers. He published a number of Jack Ryan novels, some of which turned into movies starring Alec Baldwin ("The Hunt for Red October," 1990), Harrison Ford ("Patriot Games," 1992; and "Clear and Present Danger," 1994), Ben Affleck ("The Sum of All Fears," 2002), and Chris Pine ("Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit," 2013). His new Ryan novel, COMMAND AUTHORITY, will be out in December 2013 from Putnam. He was 66. (October 03, 2013)

Howard Owen Wins Hammett

The North American Branch of the International Assocation of Crime Writes (IACW/NA) has announced that Howard Owen won the 2013 Hammett Prize for OREGON HILL (Permanent). He was awarded a bronze trophy in Somerset, New Jersey, during the New Atlantic Idependent Booksellers Association's (NAIBA) Fall Conference. To read the press release, click here. (October 02, 2013)

Debra Ginsberg Wins TJParker

Southern California Independent Booksellers Association (SCIBA) has announced that Debra Ginsberg won its book prize in the mystery/thriller category named T. Jefferson Parker Mystery Award for WHAT THE HEART REMEMBERS(NAL Trade, 2012). (September 30, 2013)

Gary Brandner Dies

Gary Brandner died of esophageal cancer on September 22 at his home in Reno, Nevada. According to his official obiturary, he was born in Saulte Ste. Marie, Michigan in 1930. He may have been mostly known as the author of a horror novel, THE HOWLING (Gold Medal, 1977), which turned into a hit horror movie. Several Howling films differ from the novels of the same names by Brandner. Before he became famous as a horror writer, he contributed a number of mystery short stories to Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine (EQMM) and Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine. His first sold story, " Lesson in Larceny," was published in the July 1970 issue of EQMM. He and Robert Colby co-wrote one of superspy Nick Carter novels, THE DEATH'S HEAD CONSPIRACY (Award, 1973) under the house name "Nick Carter." I translated one of his stories, "Coyote Street" (printed in the September 1973 issue of EQMM, featuring private eye Stonebreaker) into Japanese, and it was nice to meet him during the Second International Congress of Crime Writers held in New York in 1978. He was 83. (September 25, 2013; Revised, September 30, 2013)

Robert Barnard Dies

Robert Barnard died in his sleep on September 19 at the Grove Court Nursing Home in Leeds, England. He wrote his first crime novel, DEATH OF AN OLD GOAT (Collins, 1974) while he was an English professor in Norway. He was also a great fan of Agatha Christie and published an apreciation of her work , A TALENT OT DECEIVE (Collins, 1980), an Edgar nominee, as well as books on Dickens and Emily Bronte. He created several series charactors including Perry Trethowan (SHEER TORTURE; Collins, 1981), Charlie Peace (BODIES; Collins, 1986) and Mike Oddie (A CITY OF STRANGERS; Bantam UK, 1990) , all police detectives. He used an Bernard Bastable pseudonym to write a parallel historical mystery series, starting DEAD MR. MOZART (Little, Brown UK, 1995), featuring Wolgang Mozart as a detective, who didn't die young and lived in the 1820's Britain. He was a prolific writers and wrote more than 40 novels as well as a lot of short stories, for one of which, "Sins of Scarlet" (in ID: CRIMES OF IDENTITY; Comma Press), he won a short story Dagger from the Crime Writers' Association of Britain in 2006. He was also a recipient of the CWA Cartier Diamond Dagger Award in 2003. He was 76. (September 23, 2013)

Louis Penny Wins Anthony

Bouchercon 2013 has announced the winners for the 2013 Anthony Awards as follows:

Best Novel: THE BEAUTIFUL MYSTERY, by Louise Penny (Minotaur)
Best First Novel: THE EXPATS, by Chris Pavone (Crown)
Best Paperback Original: BIG MARIA, by Johnny Shaw (Thomas & Mercer)
Best Short Story: "Mischief in Mesopotamia," by Dana Cameron (Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine, November 2012)
Best Critical Non-fiction Work: BOOKS TO DIE FOR, edited by John Connolly and Declan Burke (Atria/Emily Bestler)
Lifetime Achievemen Award Recipient: Sue Grafton
David Thompson Special Service Award: Marv Lachman

The winners were announced on September 21 at the Anthony Award Luncheon in Albany, New York. (September 22, 2013)

Robert Crais Wins Shamus

The Private Eye Writers of America (PWA) has announced the winners for the 2013 Shamus Awards as follows:

Best Hardcover P.I. Novel: TAKEN, by Robert Crais (Putnam). featuring Elvis Cole
Best First P.I. Novel: BLACK FRIDAYS, by Michael Sears (Putnam), featuring Jason Stafford
Best Original Paperback P.I. Novel: AND SHE WAS, by Alison Gaylin, featuring Brenna Spector (Harper)
Best P.I. Short Story: "Ghost Negligence," by John Shepphird (Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine [AHMM], July/August 2012), featuring Jack 0'Shea
Best Indie P.I. Novel: WHITE HEAT, by Paul D. Marks (Timeless Skies), featuring Duke Rogers
The Eye (Lifetime Achievement) Award: Loren D. Estleman

(September 21, 2013)

Louise Penny Wins Macavity

The Mystery Readers International/Mystery Readers Journal has announced the winners for the 2013 Macavity Awards as follows:

Best Mystery Novel: THE BEAUTIFUL MYSTERY, by Louise Penny (Minotaur)
Best First Mystery Novel: DON'T EVER GET OLD, by by Daniel Friedman (Minotaur Books)
Best Mystery Non-Fiction: BOOKS TO DIE, edited by John Connolly and Declan Burke (Atria)
Best Mystery Short Story: "The Lord Is My Shamus," by Barb Goffman (in CHESAPEAKE CRIMES: THIS JOB IS MURDER [Wildside])
Sue Feder Historical Memorial Award: AN UNMARKED GRAVE, by Charles Todd (HarperCollins)

(September 21, 2013)

Peter May Wins Barry

Deadly Pleasures has announced the winners for the 2013 Barry Awards as follows:

Best Novel: THE BLACK HOUSE, by Peter May (Silver Oak)
Best First Novel: A KILLING IN THE HILLS, by Julia Keller (Minotaur)
Best Paperback Original: MR. CHURCHILL'S SECRETARY, by Susan Elia MacNeal (Bantam)
Best Thriller: THE FALLEN ANGEL, by Daniel Silva (Harper)
Dan Sandstrom Memorial Award for Lifetime Achievement: Ali Karim

(September 21, 2013)

Chris Knopf Wins Nero

The Wolfe Pack, the official Nero Wolfe society, announced that Chris Knopf's DEAD ANYWAY(Permanent Press) won the 2013 Nero Award. The award ceremony will be held at the Black Orchid Banquet in New York on December 07. (September 14, 2013)