CyberGumshoe's Mumblings in September/October 2017

Donald Bain Dies

Donald Bain died of congestive heart failure on October 21 in White Plains, New York. The former airline publicist was most famous as the ghostwriter of COFFEE, TEA OR ME? (Bartholomew House, 1967), the "memoir" of two fictional saucy airline stewardesses, Trudy Baker and Rachel Jones. In the recent mystery community, he was well-known as the co-writer of Margaret Truman's Capital Crime series. According to Bain, he started "co-writing" from the second one in the series, MURDER ON CAPITOL HILL (Arbor, 1981) but contractually he was not allowed to reveal his writership. After Truman's death in 2008, he was commissioned to continue the series with EXPERIMENT IN MURDER (Forge, 2012) with his own byline. He was also known as the "co-writer" (with "Jessica Fletcher") of the novel version of "Murder, She Wrote" series, beginning with GIN & DAGGERS (McGraw-Hill, 1989). He also authored under the house-name J.D. Hardin a number of soft-pornographic western action series featuring Doc Weatherbee, a Pinkerton op, and ghosted SADO COP (Playboy, 1976) for Nick Vasile, a former undercover cop. A few of his other pseudonyms are Donna Bain, Mike Lundy, Stephanie Blake, and Panela South. He finally wrote his own mystery thriller, LIGHTS OUT! (Severn House) in 2014. His forthcoming books are ALLIED IN DANGER, a Capital Crime novel (Forge, 2018), and A DATE WITH MURDER, a Murder She Wrote novel (co-written with Jon Land; Berkley, 2018). He was 82. (October 29, 2017)

Jane Harper Wins Gold Dagger

The Crime Writers Association of Britain (CWA) has announced the winners for the 2017 CWA Dagger Awards as follows:

Diamond Dagger Recipient: Ann Cleeves
Gold Dagger: THE DRY, by Jane Harper (Little Brown)
Ian Fleming Steel Dagger: SPOOK STREET, by Mick Herron (John Murray)
John Creasey (New Blood) Dagger: TALL OAKS, by Chris Whitaker (Twenty7)
Endeavour Historical Dagger: A RISING MAN, by Abir Mukherjee (Harvill Seeker)
International Dagger: THE DYING DETECTIVE, by Leif GW Persson (Tr. Neil Smith) (Doubleday)
Non-Fiction Dagger: CLOSE BUT NO CIGAR, by Stephen Purvis (Weidenfeld & Nicolson)
Short Story Dagger: "The Trials of Margaret," by LC Tyler (in MOTIVES FOR MURDER, edited by Martin Edwards; Sphere)
Debut Dagger: STRANGE FIRE, by Sherry Rankin
Dagger in the Library: Mari Hannah
Red Herring Award Recipient: Barry Forshaw, for service to the CWA

The winners were announced at the CWA Dagger Awards Dinner on October 26 in London. (October 27, 2017)

Louise Penny Wins Anthony

Bouchercon 2017 has announced the winners for the 2017 Anthony Awards as follows:

Best Novel: A GREAT RECKONING, by Louise Penny (Minotaur)
Best First Novel: IQ, by Joe Ide (Mulholland)
Best Paperback Original: HEART OF STONE, by James W. Ziskin (Seventh Street)
Best Short Story: "Oxford Girl," by Megan Abbott (in MISSISSIPPI NOIR, Akashic)
Best Critical Nonfiction Work: SHIRLEY JACKSON: A RATHER HAUNTED LIFE, by Ruth Franklin (Liveright)
Best Children's/YA Novel: THE GIRL I USED TO BE, by April Henry (Henry Holt)
Best Anthology: BLOOD ON THE BAYOU, edited by Greg Herren (Down & Out)
Best Novella: "The Last Blue Glass," by B.K. Stevens (Alfred HItchcock's Mystery Magazine, April 2016)
David Thompson Special Service Award Recipient: George Easter, founder, editor and publisher of Deadly Pleasures Mystery Magazine

The winners were announced at the Sunday Brunch on October 15 during Bouchercon 2017 held in Toronto, Canada. (October 16, 2017)

Louise Penny Wins Barry

Deadly Pleasures has announced the winners for the 2017 Barry Awards as follows:

Best Novel: A GREAT RECKONING, by Louise Penny (Minotaur)
Best First Novel: THE DRIFTER, by Nicholas Petrie (Putnam)
Best Paperback Original: RAIN DOGS, by Adrian McKinty (Seven Street)
Best Thriller: GUILTY MINDS, by Joseph Finder (Dutton)
Don Sandstrom Lifetime Achievement in Mystery Fandom Award Recipient: Steele Curry

The winners were announced on October 12 during Bouchercon 2017 held in Toronto, Canada. (October 14, 2017)

Louise Penny Wins Macavity

The Mystery Readers International has announced the winners for the 2017 Macavity Awards as follows:

Best Novel: A GREAT RECKONING, by Louise Penny (Ninotaur)
Best First Novel: IQ, by Joe Ide (Mulhollande Books)
Best Short Story: "Parallel Play," by Art Taylor (CHESAPEAKE CRIMES: STORM WARNING, Wildside Press)
Sue Feder Memorial Award for Best Historical Novel: HEART OF STONE, by James W. Ziskin (Seventh Street Books)
Best Nonfiction: SARA PARETSKY: A COMPANION TO THE MYSTERY FICTION, by Margaret Kinsman (McFarland)

The winners were announced onn October 12 at opening ceremonies at bouchercon 29017 held in Toronto, Canada. (October 13, 2017)

Domenic Stansberry Wins Hammett

The North American Branch of the International Association of Crime Writers (IACW/NA) has announced that THE WHITE DEVIL, by Domenic Stansberry (Molotov Editions) is the winner of the its annual HAMMETT PRIZE for a work of literary excellence in the field of crime writing by a US or Canadian author.

The Hammett Prize winner was announced on October 07 during the New Atlantic Independent Booksellers Association's (NAIBA) Fall Conference, in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. To see the press release, click here. (October 08, 2017)

Seattle Mystery Bookshop Closes

Seattle Mystery Bookshop closed its door for good on September 30 after the 27 year's book-selling. Bill Farley opened the bookshop (not bookstore!) with his wife B. Jo in Pioneer Square, Seattle, Washington. He sold the shop to JB Dickey in 1998 but it had been financially very difficult to keep the bookshop open these days. Nobody would buy the bookshop and Dickey decided to close the shop for good. (October 02, 2017)

Reed Farrel Coleman Wins Shamus

The Private Eye Writers of America (PWA) has announced the winners for the 2017 Shamus Awards as follows:

The Eye Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient: Jerry Kennealy
Best Private Eye Novel: WHERE IT HURTS, by Reed Farrel Coleman (Putnam), featuring Gus Murphy
Best Original Private Eye Paperback: THE PERPLEXING THEFT OF THE JEWEL IN THE CROWN, by Vaseem Khan (Red Hook Books), featuring Baby Ganesh Agency
Best First Private Eye Novel: IQ, by Joe Ide (Little, Brown), introducing Isaiah Quintabe
Best Private Eye Short Story: "A Battlefield Reunion," by Brendan DuBois (Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine, June 2016), featuring Billy Sullivan

The winners were announced in the Fall issue of the PWA newsletter, since the PWA Shamus Award Banquet has been canceled. (September 21, 2017; revised, September 25)

Ronald Tierney Dies

Ronald Tierney died of cancer on September 02 in California. The former Army sergeant wrote his first mystey novel, THE STONE VEIL (St. Martin's, 1990), which was nominated for the 1991 PWA Shamus Award in the first novel category. The novel introduces then 69-year-old former Army intelligence sergeant turned private eye in Indianapolice, Indiana, named Dietrich "Deets" Shanahan. KILLLING FROST (Severn House, 2015) is the 11th and last in the Shanahan series. His other series features Carly Paladino, a female private investigator formerly working for a large security firm, and Noah Lang, a down-to-earth private eye in San Francisco, and has two full-length novels (DEATH IN PACIFIC HEIGHTS; Severn House, 2008) and two novellas ("Death in the Haight;" Dutton e-books, 2012). His third series features Peter Strand, a Chinese-American private eye in San Francisco, and has two novellas ("The Black Tortoise;" Orca/Raven Books, 2017). He was 72. (September 09, 2017)

Denise Mina Wins McIlvanney

On September 08 at the Bloody Scotland International Crime Writing Festival at Stirling Castle, Bloody Scotland has announced that the winner of the 2017 Bloody Scotland McIlvanney Prize is THE LONG DROP, by Denise Mina (Random House)

The McIlvanney Prize is named after poet and novelist William McIlvanney (1936-2015), who wrote the three novels featuring philosophical Inspector Jack Laidlaw of Glasgow C.I.D. (September 09, 2017)

Adrian McKinty Wins Neddie

Australian Crime Writers Association (ACWA) has announced the winners for the 2017 Ned Kelly Awards as follows:

Best Fiction: POLICE AT THE STATION AND THEY DON'T LOOK FRIENDLY, by Adrian McKinty (Serpent's Tail)
Best First Fiction: THE DRY, by Jane Harper (Pan)
True Crime (tie): GETTING AWAY WITH MURDER, by Duncan McNab (Vintage) and
THE DROWNED MAN, by Brendan James Murray (Echo)
S.D. Harvey Short Story Award: "Rules to Live By," by Louise Bassett

The winners were announced on September 01 at the Melbourne Writers Festivbal in Melbourne. (September 03, 2017)