CyberGumshoe's Mumblings in September/October 2018

Robert C. Hahn Dies

It was just found out that Robert C. Hahn died on October 03 from leukemia at a hospital in Ohio. The former book editor for the now-defunct Cincinnati Post, had been a mystery book critic for Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine since 2003. He had been reviewing books (not only mystery titles but also biographies and mainstream fiction) for Publishers Weekly anonymously since 1996. He was 76. (October 29, 2018)

Tom Kakonis Dies

It was just found out that Tom Kakonis died on August 31 in Michigan. Before retiring as the college professor, "the heir-apparent to Elmore Leonard" wrote six crime novels including MICHIGAN ROLL (St. Martin's, 1988), the first Timothy Waverly novel, and ending with BLIND SPOT under the Adam Barrow pseudonym (Dutton, 1997). Waverly, a former English professor turned card sharp ex-con in Palm Beach, Florida, appears in three novels. After the retirement, he published his last novel, TREASURE COAST (Brash Books pb, 2014). He was 87. (October 26, 2018)

Steve Cavanagh Wins Gold Dagger

The Crime Writers Association of Britain (CWA) announced the winners for the 2018 CWA Dagger Awards on October 25 as follows:

Diamond Dagger Award Recepient: Michael Connelly
Red Herring Award Recipients (for outstanding work in support of the CWA):
Ali Karim, Ayo Onatade, David Stuart Davies, and Mike Stotter

Gold Dagger: THE LIAR, by Steve Cavanagh (Orion)
Ian Fleming Steel Dagger: Bluebird, Bluebird, by Attica Locke (Serpent's Tail)
John Creasey New Blood Dagger: Lola, by Melissa Scrivner Love (Point Blank)
International Dagger: After the Fire, by Henning Mankell (Harvill Secker)
Historical Dagger: Nucleus, by Rory Clements (Zaffre)
Short Story Dagger: "Nemo Me Impune Lacessit," by Denise Mina (from Bloody Scotland)
Gold Dagger For Non-Fiction: Blood on the Page, by Thomas Harding (Heinemann)
Dagger in the Library: Martin Edwards
Debut Dager (for unpublished writers): The Eternal Life of Ezra Ben Simeon, by Bill Crotty

The winners were announced during the CWA Dagger Awards dinner in London on October 25 in London. (October 26, 2018)

Margaret Hinxman Dies

Margaret Hinxman died on October 16 at a nursing home in Sussex, England. The famous female film critics wrote a great many film reviews for The Sunday Telegraph and The Daily Mail as well as THE FILMS OF DIRK GOGARDE (1974; co-written with her niece Susan D'Arcy). She also authored 11 stand-alone mystery novels, starting with END OF A GOOD WOMAN (Collins, 1976) and ending with LOSING TOUCH (Severn House, 1996). She was 94. (October 20, 2018)<

Evelyn Anthony Dies

Evelyn Anthony died peacefully on September 25 at her home in Essex, England. She started her writing career after World War Two with short stories for women's magazine. She wrote her first novel, IMPERIAL HIGHNESS (Museum Press; US title: REBEL PRINCESS, Crowell), in 1953. After that she produced nearly a book a year, and in 1967 she switched from historical romances to spy thrillers, including THE TAMARIND SEED (Hutchinson, 1971), which was turned into the 1974 movie starring Julie Andrews and Omar Sharif. She created her series character Davina Graham, a British spy during the Cold War, who appeared in four novels starting with THE DEFECTOR (Hutchinson, 1980) and ending with THE COMPANY OF SAINTS (Hutchinson, 1983; Retitled as MIND GAMES, 2005). Her last novel was BLOODSTONES (Bantam UK, 1995). She was 92. (October 12, 2018)

MaryAlice Gorman Dies

MaryAlice Gorman died on October 09 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The former Executive Director of the Pittsburgh ACLU opened the Mystery Lovers Bookshop in Oakmont with her husband Richard Goldman in 1990, where they became supporters of the mystery community and friends to many writers and readers. They were awarded the 2010 Raven Award from the Mystery Writers of America as the owners of the Mystery Lovers Bookshop for "outstanding achievements and leadership contributions to the mystery genre." They closed the bookshop in 2015 to enjoy the "active retirement." She was 74. (October 12, 2018)

McIlvanney Wins McIlvanney

The Bloody Scotland International Crime Writing Festival has announced that THE QUAKER, by Liam McIlvanney (HarperCollins) won the 2018 McIlvanney Prize, recognizing "excellence in Scottish crime writing." Incidentally, the winner is a son of the late William McIlvanney, after whom the prize has been named.

The winner was announced on September 21, during the opening reception of the Bloody Scotland held in Stirling, Scotland. The other finalists of the 2018 McIlvanney Prize were FOLLOW THE DEAD, by Lin Anderson (Macmillan); PLACES IN THE DARKNESS, by Chris Brookmyre (Little, Brown); THE MAN BETWEEN, by Charles Cumming (HarperCollins). (September 22, 2018)

Attica Locke Wins Anthony

Bouchercon 2018 has announced the winners for the 2018 Anthony Awards as follows:

Best Novel: BLUEBIRD, BLUEBIRD, by Attica Locke (Mulholland)
Best First Novel: HOLLYWOOD HOMICIDE, by Kellye Garrett (Midnight Ink)
Best Paperback Original: THE DAY I DIED, by Lori Rader-Day (Morrow)
Bill Crider Award for Best Novel in a Series: Y IS FOR YESTERDAY, by the late Sue Grafton (Putnam)
Best Anthology: THE OBAMA INHERITANCE, edited by Gary Phillips (Three Rooms Press)
Best Short Story: "My Side of the Matter," by Hilary Davidson (in Killing Malmom, edited by Dan and Kate Malmon; Down & Out)
Best Critical/Non-Fiction Book: KILLERS OF THE FLOWER MOON, by David Grann (Doubleday)
Best Online Content: Jungle Red Writers
Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient: Ian Rankin
David Thompson Memorial Special Service Award Recipient: Lesa Holstine

The winners were announced on September 08 during Bouchercon 2018 held in St. Petersburg, Florida. (September 09, 2018)

T. Jefferson Parker Wins Shamus

The Private Eye Writers of America (PWA) has announced the winners for the 2018 Shamus Awards as follows:

The Eye Lifetime Achievment Award Recipient: Walter Mosley
Best Private Eye Novel: THE ROOM OF WHITE FIRE, by T. Jefferson Parker (Putnam), featuring Roland Ford
Best First Private Eye Novel: THE LAST PLACE YOU LOOK, by Kristen Lepionka (Minotaur), introducing Roxane Weary
Best Original Private Eye Paperback: LIGHTS OUT SUMMER, by Rich Zahradnik (Camel Press), featuring Coleridge Taylor
Best P.I. Short Story: "Rosalie Marx Is Missing," by the late Robert S. Levinson (Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine, May/June 2017), featuring Vincent Riverbend

The winners were announced on September 07 at the 2018 Shamus Award Banquet at the Zamora Hotel in St. Petersburg, Florida. (September 09, 2018; Revised, October 09)

Thomas Lipinski Dies

Thomas Lipinski died of complications from heart surgery on September 06 at UPMC Passavant Hospital in McCandless, Pennsylvania. The Edinboro University English professor wrote five novels featuring Pittsburgh private investigator Carroll Dorsey, starting with THE FALL-DOWN ARTIST (St. Martin's, 1994), which was nominated for the 1995 PWA Shamus Award in the first novel category. The fourth in ths series, DEATH IN THE STEEL CITY (Avon, 2000), won the 2001 Shamus Award in the paperback original category. His last novel is OLD GUYS RULES (One Nine Books, 2018), the fifth Dorsey book. He was 63. (September 09, 2018)

Anthony Horowitz Wins Macavity

The Mystery Readers International has announced the winners for the 2018 Macavity Awards as follows:

Best Mystery Novel: MAGPIE MURDERS, by Anthony Horowitz (Harper)
Best First Mystery Novel: THE LOST ONES, by Sheena Kamal (Morrow)
Best Mystery-Related Nonfiction: THE STORY OF CLASSIC CRIME IN 100 BOOKS, by Martin Edwards (Poisoned Pen/British Library)
Best Mystery Short Story: "Windward," by Paul D. Marks (in COAST TO COAST, edited by Andrew McAleer & Paul D. Marks; Down & Out Books)
Sue Feder Memorial Historical Mystery Novel: IN FARLEIGH FIELD, by Rhys Bowen (Lake Union Publishing)

The winners were announced at the Bouchercon opening ceremonies on September 6 in St. Petersburg, Florida. (September 07, 2018)

Karen Dionne Wins Barry

Deadly Pleasures Mystery Magazine has announced the winners for the 2018 Barry Awards as follows:

Best Novel: THE MARSH KING'S DAUGHTER, by Karen Dionne (Putnam)
Best First Novel: THE DRY, by Jane Harper (Flatiron)
Best Paperback Original: THE DEEP DARK DESCENDING, by Allen Eskens (Seventh Street)
Best Thriller; UNSUB, by Meg Gardiner (Dutton)

The winners were announced on September 6 at the Bouchercon 2018 Opening Ceremony held in St. Petersburg, Florida. (September 07, 2018)

Amanda Kyle Williams Dies

Amanda Kyle Williams died on August 31 at her home in Decature, Georgia after a long battle with cancer. The former dyslectic wrote four novels about Madison McGuire (a lesbian secret agent) starting with CLUB TWELVE (Naiad Press, 1990), before she created Keye Street, a Chinese-American private investigator based in Atlanta Georgia, who first appeared in THE STRANGER YOU SEEK (Bantam hc, 2011), a Shamus Award nominee. Williams followed it with two more Street novels: STRANGER IN THE ROOM (2012); and DON'T TALK TO STRAGERS (2014). To research for the Street series, Williams took courses in criminal profiling and practical homicide investigation, and worked as a prosess server and surveillance operator for a PI firm. She was 61. (September 02, 2018; revised, September 10)

Neil Simon Dies

Neil Simon died on August 26 of complications from pneumonia at New York-Presbyterian Hospital in Manhattan, New York. The "world's most popular playwright after Shakespeare" also wrote original screenplays including "Murder by Death" (1976, novelized by H.R.F. Keating using the "Henry Keating" pseudonym from Warner pb) and "The Cheap Detective" (1978, novelized by Robert Grossbach from Warner pb). The former was a spoof of the traditional country-house whodunit with a group of famous detectives portrayed by all-star actors such as Alec Guinness, David Niven and Maggie Smith, while the latter that of the hardboiled private eye fiction. Robert Moore directed the both films featuring Peter Falk as a Sam Spade-like private eye. Simon was 91. (September 02, 2018)

Peter Corris Dies

Peter Corris died on August 30 in his sleep at his home in Sydney, Australia. He was dubbed as "the Godfather of Australian crime fiction." The former academic historian and journalist wrote more than 100 books, including some biographies, several historical novels and great many crime novels. He was most famous famous as the creator of Sydney private eye Cliff Hardy, who is a genuine Australian , not an American imitation, based in Australia. The first Hardy novel, THE DYING TRADE (McGraw-Hill, 1980), which took him three months to write but four years to find a publisher. He penned 34 more Hardy novels and 7 collections of Hardy short stories. The last Hardy novel was WIN, LOSE OR DRAW (Allen & Unwin, 2017). He also wrote crime novels featuring other Australian characters such as Richard Bowning (Hollywood-linked detective), Ray "Creepy" Crawley (Federal Security agent) and Luke Dunlop (Witness Protection agent). He received the 1999 Lifetime Achievement Award from the Australian Crime Writers Association (ACWA), and won a Ned Kelly Award for DEEP WATER (Allen & Unwin, 2009) from ACWA after many Neddie nominations. He was 76. (September 01, 2018)

Gentill, Bailey Win Neddies

Australian Crime Writers Association (ACWA) ha announced the winners for the 2018 Ned Kelly (Neddie) Award as follows:

Best Crime Novel: CROSSING THE LINES, by Sulari Gentill (Pantera)
Best First Crime Novel: THE DARK LAKE, by Sarah Bailey (Allen & Unwin)
Best True Crime: UNMAKING A MURDER, by Graham Archer (Ebury)
Lifetime Achievement Award: Garry Disher

The winners were announced at the Melbourne Writers Festival on August 26. (September 01, 2018)