These web pages are intended to be a source of information for anyone interested in corpus linguistics, and specifically concordancers and concordances. The pages in this site contain useful information for anyone contemplating using a concordancer. The links to various other web pages should be of value to those of you that wish to further pursue your online research into concordancing, and also useful for those of you that wish to download some concordancing software. Last updated on 21st March, 2000

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J-BAT KWIC - a Java Concordancer - try it now!

Concordancers at a glance, details of 10 concordancers on one page

My Comments on 10 concordancers, and comments from the creators of the programs

Links to the companies and individuals that make the concordancers

Some screen shots of concordancing tools

Some suggestions on how to use concordances

Examples of 'online concordance' quizzes

Links to corpus, concordance and collocation related sites

A glossary of terms commonly used in the field of concordancing

Bibliography of books and articles related to concordancing

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