Links to corpus, concordance, and collocation related sites

Sources of digitized text

The On-Line Books Page

The electronic text center, The University of Virginia

Gaslight electronic text and discussion site

Project Gutenburg - Official and Original Project Gutenberg Web Site and Home Page

CETH - Center for Electronic Texts in the Humanities

UCREL Corpus Holdings - Lancaster University

Oxford University Computer Service - British National Corpus

The Etext Archives

Concordancer Info and download sites in order of price:

CobuildDirect (an on-line service)

British National Corpus (an-online service and CD-ROM)

Information about the Online Service

Information about The BNC Sampler

Collins Cobuild English Collocations on CD-ROM (windows)

WordSmith (windows)

Concordance (windows)

MonoConc Pro and MonoConc 1.5 (windows)

UltraFind (Macintosh)

MonoConc (Macintosh)

Conc (Macintosh)

J-BAT KWIC - a java concordancer made by Sugiura Masatoshi

Online concordancers and demos

Web Concordancer - part of the Hong Kong Virtual Language Centre

Cobuild Direct online Corpus and Collocation sampler


Web concordances made by R. J. C. Watt with his 'Concordance' software (see above)

Business letter Corpus Online KWIC search, designed by Yasumasa Someya (then click on BLC KWIC - top left)

Sites with more useful links

Michel Barlow's Corpus Linguistics Page

Tim Johns Home Page - Data-driven Learning (aka Classroom Concordancing)

SIL Computing Resources

Collocations Home Page - a site made by Jennifer Lai Bromley, a student at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Mike Scott's Web Site - the maker of WordSmith

The University of Birmingham Corpus Research Group

The CEJL project; The Corpus of English by Japanese Learners, based on the Tokai University web site in Japan

NCSA Telnet for the Macintosh User's Guide

Windows users can get telnet from:

Mac users can get it from:

Half-Baked Software Homepage - free authoring software for making java quizzes. This software can be used to make quizzes usinf concordances.

Japan Association for English Corpus Studies

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