Third Year Discussion & Debate

Things you MUST do:

  1. Homework
  2. Pete's Class Discussion Board
  3. Discover Debate Sounds (password)
  4. Class Registration Form (password)
  5. Exam 1 (前期)
  6. Exam 2 (後期)
  7. The 2003 Debates

Very Useful Links:

  1. 私にメッセージを送信
  2. Links to 'Discussion & Debate' sites
  3. Discover (the text book home page)
  4. The 7 Golden Rules for Making Propositions
  5. Downloads; handouts and classroom material (password)
  6. Chat Page - Share your opinions (password)
  7. Online Bulletin Board (password on my door)

Useful things to do:

  1. Hokuriku University Speech Contest
  2. Quizzes on this site
  3. Test yourself here and now! WWW Quizzes

Things you Should read:

  1. Reading List; a list of books that will help you make speeches and debate
  2. Useful Language for the classroom
  3. Grading Criteria
  4. The Syllabus
  5. Eleven Steps to creating a speech
  6. The structure and basic outline of a speech
  7. A detailed outline of a speech
  8. Also, see the Public Speaking page for more useful information

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