Eleven Steps to Creating a Speech

When creating a speech it is a mistake to start writing the speech straight away. The actual writing of a speech comes towards the end of the process of speech creation. You should follow these 11 steps:

1. Choose a topic or some possible topics.

2. Analyse the audience. (Who are they? What are they interested in?)

3. If you know who the audience is, or what they are interested in, adjust and narrow down your topic to suit the audience.

4. Write down the main purpose of your speech

5. Brainstorm for ideas and vocabulary

6. Decide on the organisational pattern of your speech

7. Make an outline, what are your main points and sub points (to a simple outline | to a detailed outline)

8. Start writing

9. Read through, check and rewrite your speech

10. Plan how to deliver the speech

11. Practice your speech, and make any necessary revisions