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2003 Autumn - Asuka No.1 "Go back to the starting point"
Drawing: Journey
Drawing: Hello?

"Suddenly, but shall we go around Nara together ?"
"We are sorry, but we are going to Chie's parents' home today..."
"Oh well. Good luck, then"

The conversation after a long interval with Chie & Deco was end briefly.We feel pathos and loneliness toward old public telephone for a while. "Aah, we are dumped. There is nothing for it but to move around our two!"

"This year is the 30th anniversary of practice. So let's go back to the starting point as Japanese !"
That’s why we first headed for The Karako-Kagi Site in Tawaramoto town at request of Tomi who read archaeology book recently. It is the biggest site all of community in the Yayoi period which is excavated now. We who live in the Heisei period should visit once.

The building was restored to its original state which was drawed on the excavated shard. We walked on the country road in the field seeing Yamato mountainous and arrived at free room in the gymnasium. People who is charmed with ancient romantic visit one after another. I was glad that there are yougn couple and parent and child to say nothing of the middle-aged and the elderly and party of energetic middle-aged ladies.

The life in the Yayoi period which is reproduced on the basis of artifact like a potsherd, remains such as well, comma-shaped bead and wooden agricultural tool such as hoe doesn't different from the one in the Edo period. Various ornament is similar to jewel that we watched in the Silk Road. "Man dose not changed easily for two thousand years."

[ Continued on No.2 ]

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