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2004 Eary Summer - Yoshino No.1 "To the ristorante in the depths of the mountains"
Drawing: Journey

We give a birthday party for three persons Chie, Deco and Peco in the italian restaurant in Yoshino, Nara. As they reach 116 years old in all, let's have a grand party! and we went all the way to Nara.

Three of Toyama group intended to start at half past nine a.m., but in fact, started at half past ten as usual. We joined the Hokuriku expressway at Takaoka interchange. We had buckwheat noodles as a light lunch at Nanjo service area and traveled smoothly to the Ogura interchange by way of Meihan expressway and Keiji by-pass. But the roads got choked intermittently after that, it was already half past four p.m. that we arrived at the hotel in Yoshino. Deco who came from Kyoto by Chie's new car seemed to arrive at early half past three.

After we took a bath quickly, we picked up Chie who came from Kyoto by train because of her work at Yoshino station. Then we went toward Higashiyoshino-mura which was our destination. Although we have the navigator in our car, the road was hard to understand. As we could not help going by a roundabout way, it was half an hour journey, but it took half an hour. With this thing and that, we arrived at Ristorante L'OASI just six which we were said "The bread will be baked at six, come here till that time, please"

When we got off the car, there was already the pleasant-smell of baking bread in the air. A stream was flowing by the side of the restaurant, there were two classical Alfa Romeo in the garage. We went into the restaurant, its inside was compact little open kitchen and simple but jumble moderately. We felt comfortable. Now, its much-talked-of dish which our heart had been filled with expectation was started from bread hot from the oven.

  • Focaccia of bamboo shoot (with rosemally)
  • Baguette
  • Whole-wheat rolls
  • Fry bread
  • Putty (liver of local chicken)
It seemed there were for two meals only bread. The starved five had our mouth full with bread which was served into big earthenware plate one after another. After a while, we suddenly remembered it's the three person's birthday and we drank a toast with white wine.

When we slightly relieved our thirst with wine, then dishes were carried at just the right moment.

  • Cold soup of potato (fruit tomato, green asparagus and consomme jelly)
  • Assorted Appetizers (Italian Prosciutto in Palma | Wild boar salami with green tomato jam | Cheese of black truffe on top of sauted bamboo shoot | Boiled pea)
  • Spaghetti with new cabbage, bacon and tomato

Main dish was all beef (choose one of following three). We passed dish around and had them in turn

  • Steak
  • Braised the stomach
  • Braised the cheek

Happy dessert was two kinds.

  • Pudding-like arrowroot cake with vanilla sauce
  • Espresso gelato | Strawberry tart | Gateau chocolat
  • Espresso or Herb tea

Service which was attentived to details and smiling face were professional ones. In the clear air of the country, they grow vegetables by theirself and cook using them plentifully. Winter season is a period of time in which to recharge their batteries. We knew their enviable life as a cook. And thank you very much from our heart.

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Alfa Romeo greeted us
( 2004-5-22 / Tomi)
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Bread hot from the oven was put one after another
( 2004-5-22 / Tomi)
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Second dessert was served in Richard Ginor
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Let's make it !
( 2004-5-22 / Tomi)

[ Continued on No.2 ]

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