Drawing: Dustcloth

"Hand-sewed Zoukin is best" is one of Yasuko-san's pet phrases. Zoukin that made with a sewing machine is stiff and hard to use, but hand-sewed one is very soft and easy to use.

It is teachings of Masao-san, Yasuko-san's father, that squeeze Zoukin with force, double and scrub by the whole surface. When Yasuko-san was very young, Masao-san used to clean her sole with Zoukin during she nap after play with bare feet. She say that this is her comfatable memory.

In my home, we use a brand-new Zoukin in the kitchen or dining table, when it become dirty, use to wipe and even worn-out, say bye-bye. When we wipe, squeeze many Zoukin, wipe and wipe, at the last gather them and wash with a wash machine. This way is efficient.



  1. Because it is overthick, cut 1/4 of towel with scissors (1). Yasuko-san make good use of scrap to wipe around stove.
  2. Fold up cut end inside and also the other side (2, 3).
  3. Pass a thread through the eye of needle (4).
  4. Sew from right end by running stitch in a whirl (4,5). If you are left-handed , It become reverse.

Drawing: how to make dustcloth