My full name is Yoshikuni Morita.

operating at JA9ZKE, Oyabe River Radio Club many years ago, when TS930 was a leading transceiver
in the market.   (The owner of the shack is JA9CZE, Kit, who is active on 40 with  3 ele. full size beam at 85' )
Here are recent shots of his huge antenna.  With this kind of antenna, we can enjoy a different world on 40.      


My first name is a little long and mouthful to non-Japanese people, so I would like you to call me "YOSI". I don't use the very popular Japanese handle "YOSHI" because it has too many dots when I work on CW. But I seldom operate CW these days, Hi.

I live at:

65 Yamamoto, Nanto City, Toyama Pref. 939-1666 JAPAN



Why don't you visit Toyama Prefectural Government's Official Home Page?

I'm sure you can get a lot of information on this area if you can read Japanese.

toyama-c Toyama City 

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