A couple of shots of my station:

I started with these in 1976.   My main activity was on 21MHz with HB9CV Quad on the roof.
The system invited me to the DX world.     Rig: FT-400S, QR-666


I was working with these around 1990.

214c house

At that time, the inside of my shack consisted of:

The outside of my shack consisted of:

Now,  I have a lot of  radios.   Main rigs are

shack01 ant1 

The new tower has 10m 5el. yagi and a rotatable dipole for 40m and WARC bands at 70'.

By the way, I do enjoy net auction and have collected lots of old radios,  which I couldn't afford 20 or 30 years ago.
Playing with them makes me happy.  Don't you have the same taste?


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