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Clark Howard Dies

Clark Howard died on October 01 in Palm Springs, California. The former parentless juvenile deliquent wrote 16 novels, 6 non-fiction books and many short stories. His first sold story was "The Last Gunfight" published in the January 1956 issue of Stag Magazine, while his first sold mystery story was "Handcuffed" in the January 1957 issue of Crime & Justice. His first novel, THE ARM (Sherbourn, 1967), became the 1987 movie, "The Big Town," starring Matt Delon. Two of his non-fiction books were nominated for a true crime Edgars: SIX AGAINST THE ROCK (Dial, 1977) and ZEBRA (Marek, 1979), while 5 of his short stories were Edgar-nominated. His first story for Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine (EQMM), "The Horn Man," (EQMM, June 1980) won the 1981 Edgar, and his 5 stories won the EQMM Readers Award. I met him twice: the first time when he won the Edgar in 1981; and the second when he attended the Bouchercon 2003 in Las Vegas. In Las Vegas he thanked me for editing his first story collection in the world from Kobunsha-Japan in 1998 before CHALLENGE THE WIDOW-MAKER (Crippen & Landru, 2000). He was 84. (October 18, 2016)

Ed Gorman Dies

Ed Gorman died of multiple myeloma on October 14 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. The former writer of advertising copies and political speeches started writing mystery, horror and western fiction in the 1980's. His first mystery novel may be ROUGH CUT or NEW IMPROVED MURDER (both from St. Martin's in 1995, and both featuring Jack Dwyer, an ex-cop part-time actor and security guard) depending on the sources. NEW IMPROVED MURDER was nominated for the 1986 Shamus Award in the first PI novel category). He was a prolific writer publishing several novels a year and some short stories using several pseudonyms (E. J. Gorman, Daniel Ransom, Robert David Chase, Richard Driscoll, Chris Shea McCarrick to name a few), Most of his novels feature series characters such as Dev Conrad (a political consultant in Chicago), Leo Guild (a bounty hunter in the Wild West), Tobin (a movie critic in New York City), Robert Payne (a psychological profiler in Iowa), Sam McCain (a young attorney in the 1960's). That's not all: he co-founded ane co-edited Mystery Scene with Robert J. Randisi until 2002, when he was diagnosed with myeloma. Also he co-edited (mostly with Martin H. Greenberg) numerous mystery-related anthologies such as CAT CRIMES (Donald I. Fine, 1991) and its sequels, THE YEAR'S FINEST CRIME AND MYSTERY STORIES (Carroll & Graf, 1992) and its sequels, THE FINE ART OF MURDER (Carroll & Graf, 1993; Anthony Award winner in the critical work category), THE BIG BOOK OF NOIR (Carroll & Graf, 1998) and many many more. He received the 2003 Ellery Queen Award from the Mystery Writers of America, the 2011 Eye Lifetime Achievement Award from the Private Eye Writers of America (PWA), and won the 1988 Shamus Award for his short story, "Turn Away," (in THE BLACK LIZARD ANTHOLOGY OF CRIME FICTION (1987) from PWA. I first saw his name as Edward Gorman in the pages of Hardboild Magazine in the mid-80's. Personally, I never met him face-to-face but exchanged a couple of e-mails with him and bought a lot of his story collections and anthologies. He was 74. (October 18, 2016)

Graham Carleton Greene Dies

Graham Carleton Greene died on October 10. He was a son of Hugh Greene and Helga Greene, and a nephew of Graham Greene. His father edited several Rivals of Sherlock Holmes anthologies among others and his mother was Raymond Chandler's agent, fiancee and original executor. Graham C. Greene himself was chairman of the British Museum and the managing director of Jonathan Cape publishers in the 60s and 70s. He was most recently the literary executor of the Raymond Chandler estate and a director of Ed Victor Ltd, a literary agent, which takes care of Chandler's literary properties. He was 80. (Ocober 15, 2016)

Bill Beverly Wins CWA Daggers

The Crime Writers' Association of Britain (CWA) announced the winners of its 2016 Dagger Award on October 11 in London as follows:
Diamond Dagger Recipient: Peter James
Goldsboro Gold Dagger: DODGERS, by Bill Beverly (No Exit Press)
Ian Fleming Steel Dagger: THE CARTEL, by Don Winslow (Heinemann)
John Creasey New Blood Dagger: DODGERS, by Bill Beverly (No Exit Press)
Endeavour Historical Dagger: STASI CHILD, by David Young (Twenty7Books)
Short Story Dagger: "On the Anatomization of an Unknown Man (1637) by Fans Mier," by John Connolly (from NOCTURNES 2: NIGHT MUSIC; Hodder)
International Dagger: THE GREAT SWINDLE, by Pierre Lemaitre, tran by Frank Wynne (MadLehouse Press)
Dagger in the Library: Elly Griffiths (Quercus)
Debut Dagger: WIMMERA, by Mark Brandi

(October 12, 2016)

Joseph Hone Dies

Joseph Hone died on August 15 in Ireland. The ex-BBC broadcaster wrote THE PRIVATE SECTOR (Hamilton, 1971) , a spy thriller introducing MI6 desk man Peter Marlow. Hone authored three more Marlow thrillers: THE SIXTH DIRECTORATE (1975); THE FLOWER OF THE FOREST (1980; US title, THE OXFORD GAMBIT); and THE VALLEY OF THE FOX (1982; all from Secker). He was compared to John le Carre, Len Deighton, ana Eric Ambler in the 70's and 80's. His last novel is GOODBYE AGAIN (Lilliput Press, 2011), a non-series thriller involving the sinister world of Nazi art theft. He was 79. October 01, 2016)

Ingrid Thoft Wins Shamus

The Private Eye Writers of America (PWA) has announced the winners for its 2016 Shamus Awards as follows:

The Eye Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient: S.J. Rozan
Best Hardcover P.I. Novel: BRUTALITY, by Ingrid Thoft (Putnam), featuring Fina Ludlow
Best First P.I. Novel: THE DO-RIGHT, by Lisa Sandlin (Cinco Puntos Press), introducing Thomas Phelan
Best Original P.I. Paperback: CIRCLING THE RUNWAY, by J.L. Abramo (Down & Out), featuring Jacob Diamond
Best P.I. Short Story: "The Dead Client," by Parnell Hall (in DARK CITY LIGHTS, edited by Lawrence Block; Three rooms Press) featuring Stanley Hastings

The winners were announced during the PWA banquet in New Orleans, Louisiana during Bouchercon 2016 on September 16. (September 17. 2016)

Chris Holm Wins Anthony

Bouchercon 2016 has announced the winners for the 2016 Anthony Awards as follows:

Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient: David Morrell
David Thompson Special Service Award Recipient: Otto Penzler
Best Novel: THE KILLING KIND, by Chris Holm (Mulholland)
Best First Novel: PAST CRIMES, by Glen Erik Hamilton (Morrow)
Best Paperback Original: THE LONG AND FARAWAY GONE, by Lou Berney (Morrow)
Best Critical or Nonfiction Book: FORENSICS, by Val McDermid (Grove)
Best Short Story: "The Little Men," by Megan Abbott ( Road)
Best Anthology or Collection: MURDER UNDER THE OAKS, edited by Art Taylor (Down & Out)
Best Young Adult Novel: NEED, by Joelle Charbonneau (HMH Books)
Best Crime Fiction Audiobook: THE NATURE OF THE BEAST, by Louis Penny, narrated by Robert Bathurst (Macmillan Audio)

The winners were announced on September 16 during Bouchercon in New Orleans, Louisiana. (September 17, 2016)

Lou Berney Wins Macavity

The Mystery Readers International has announced the winners for the 2016 Macavity Awards as follows:

Best Mystery: THE LONG AND FARAWAY GONE, by Lou Berney (Morrow)
Best First Mystery: PAST CRIMES, by Glen Erik Hamilton (Morrow)
Best Critical/Biographical: THE GOLDEN AGE OF MURDER, by Martin Edwards (HarperCollins)
Best Short Story: "The Little Men," by Megan Abbott ( Road)
Sue Feder Historical Mystery Award: THE MASQUE OF A MURDERER, by Susanna Calkins (Minotaur)

The winners were announced at opening ceremonies at Bouchercon in New Orleans on September 15. (September 16, 2016)

C.J. Box Wins Barry

Deadly Pleasures Mystery Magazine has announced the winners for the 2016 Barry Awards as follows:

Best Novel: BADLANDS, by C. J. Box (Minotaur)
Best First Novel: THE UNQUIET DEAD, by Ausma Zehanat Khan (Minotaur)
Best Paperback Original: THE LONG AND FARAWAY GONE, by Lou Berney (Morrow)
Best Thriller: THE MASK, by Taylor Stevens (Crown)
2016 Don Sandstrom Award Recipient: David Magayna

The winners were announced on September 15 during Bouchercon hold in New Orleans, Louisiana. (September 16, 2016)

Chris Brookmyre Wins McIlvanney

BLACK WINDOW, by Chris Brookmyre (Little, Brown UK) won the inaugural McIlvanny Prize, announced Bloody Scotland on September 9 at its opening reception at Bloody Scotland International Crime Writing Festival in Stirling, Scotland. (September 10, 2016)

Paul Cleave Wins Ngaio

On August 27 in Christchurch, New Zealand at the WORD Christchurch Writers and Readers Festival, TRUST NO ONE by Paul Cleave (Upstart Press) won the 2016 Ngaio Marsh Award for Best Crime Novel (his third win!) written by New Zealand citizens and residents.

And INSIDE THE BLACK HORSE by Ray Berard (Mary Egan Publishing) won the 2016 Ngaio Marsh Award for Best First Novel. (September 03, 2016)

Neddie, Davitt Awards Winners

The Australian Crime Writers Association (ACWA) has announced the winners for the 2016 Ned Kelly Awards as follows:

Best Fiction: BEFORE IT BREAKS, by Dave Warner (Freemantle Press)
Best First Fiction: RESURRECTION BAY, by Emma Viskic (Echo)
Best True Crime: CERTAIN ADMISSIONS, by Gideon Haigh (Penguin Random)
S.D. Harvey Award for Short Stories: "Flesh," by Roni O'Brien
Lifetime Achievement: Carmel Shute

And Sisters in Crime Australia has announced the winners for the 2016 Davitt Awards as follows:

Best Adult Novel: RESURRECTION BAY, by Emma Viskic (Echo)
Best Young Adult Novel: RISK, by Fleur Ferris (Panguin Random)
Best Children's Novel: FRIDAY BARNES 2: UNDER SUSPICION, by R.A. Spratt (Penguin Random)
Best Non-fiction: WILD MAN, by Alecia Simmonds (Affirm Press)
Best Debut: RESURRECTION BAY, by Emma Viskic (Echo)

(August 31, 2016)

Hammett Prize Nominees Announced

The North American Branch of the International Association of Crime Writers (IACW/NA) has announced the nominees for their annual HAMMETT PRIZE as follows:

THE STRANGER, by Harlan Coben (Dutton)
SORROW LAKE, by Michael J. McCann (Plaid Raccoon Press)
THE WHITES, by Richard Price, writing as Harry Brandt (Henry Holt)
THE DO-RIGHT, by Lisa Sandlin (Cinco Puntos Press)
THE ORGAN BROKER, by Stu Strumwasser (Arcade)

To see the press release, click here. The winner will be announced on October 29 during the during the NoirCon in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, October 26-30. (January 30, 2016)


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