Here is a list of my limited bookmarks--some are mystery-related, some are not. Since you can construct a psychological profile on anybody by looking at his/her book case, record rack or browser bookmarks, I don't dare to show you all my bookmarks. Now that I write a monthly column on the mystery scene in cyberspace for Hayakawa's Mystery Magazine, a Japanese magazine with stories, reviews, columns, photos and other interesting things, I frequently visit these following sites.


These days, setting up a web site seems to be a fad, and more and more mystery writers set up their own web sites for self-promotion. I list them up alphabetically. Sorry, Steven.

  • Kris Neri's Home Page
    Neri is the author of the Trace Eaton mysteries.

  • The Unofficial Katherine Neville Home Page
    Neville is the author of THE EIGHT.

  • Sharan Newman Home Page
    Newman is the author of the Catherine Lavendeur mystery series set in the 12th Century Europe.

  • Celestial Timepiece
    Joyce Carol Oates, "serious writer," also writes suspense novels under the pseudonym of Rosamund Smith.

  • Maxine O'Callaghan's Home Page ----Thanks for a link to The Gumshoe Site
    O'Callaghan writes the series featuring Delilah West, who debuted in the November 1974 issue of Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine. This makes O'Callghan one of the pioneers of modern female private eye fiction besides Marcia Muller, Sue Grafton, Liza Cody and Sara Paretsky. You can even read her unpublished Delila West short story, "Belling the Cat" on this site.

  • Perri O'Shaughnessy
    This is the official web site of Perri O'Shaughnessy, which is the joint pseudonym of two sisters, Mary and Pamela O'Shaughnessy. She is, or they are, the author of the Nina Reilly mystery series. And Delacorte Press (a part of the Random Bantam Doubleday Dell publishing empire) has a publisher's web site.

  • Perri O'Shaughnessy
    O'Shaughnessy is the joint pseudonym of two sisters, Mary and Pamela O'Shaughnessy.

  • Sara Paretsky
    Paretsky is the best-selling author of the V. I. Warshawski mysteries. There is also the official Japanese web site in Japanese managed by Ms. Kumiko Sugiya.

  • Sara Paretsky's home page at PreviewPort
    Paretsky's another website.

  • The Official I. J. Parker Web Site
    Parker writes the Sugawara Akitada mystery series.

  • Bullets and Beer: The Spenser Home Page
    Beware the new URL. Whether you like Robert B. Parker or not, this is an informative and interesting site. You may find my name on its guestbook. It has a recent interview with Ace, first printed in the September 1995 issue of Writer's Digest.

  • Spenserium: An Unofficial Robert B. Parker Fan Site
    Parker is famous for his Spenser series. Now he writes about a macho woman -- sort of "female Spenser" whose name is Sunny Randall, soon to be on the silver screen.

  • The Official Website of T. Jefferson Parker
    Jeff Parker is the author of SILENT JOE (April 2001) and other suspense novels.

  • P. J.
    P. J. Parrish is actually two sisters -- Kristy Montee and Kelly Montee, who write the Louis Kincaid mysteries.

  • James Patterson
    Patterson writes the best-selling Alex Cross series.

  • Barbara Paul's Homepage
    Paul writes the series featuring Marian Larch, a NYPD officer as well as the opera mysteries and science fiction. You can even read two of her short stories--unabridged. Paul also has a mirror site.

  • Ridley Pearson's Home Page
    Pearson is the author of the Lou Boldt & Daphne Matthews series as well as the Chris Klick private eye series as by Wendel McCall.

    Pelecanos is the author of the Nick Stefanos series and the new Derek Strange and Terry Quinn series.

  • Joanne Pence's Culinary Mysteries
    Joanne Pence writes the Angie Amalfi series.

  • The Ofiicial Website of Don Pendleton
    Don Pendleton was the creator of The Executioner series, the private eye Joe Copp series, and the psychic detective Ashton Ford series.

  • Linda Pendleton, Author
    Linda Pendleton is author of Shattered Lens: Catherine Winter, Private Investigator. She wrote The Dawning, and co-wrote Roulette with her husband, Don Pendleton.

  • The Perry Chronicle
    Anne Perry writes two Victorian mystery series: one about Thomas & Charlotte Pitt; another about William Monk.

  • Anne Perry Official Website
    This is Perry's official website as the title says.

  • Thomas Perry
    Perry is the author of the Jane Whitefield mystery series and other novels.

  • The Cadfael Chronicles
    The website devoted to Cadfael the detective monk created by Ellis Peters.

  • Gary Phillips's Home Page
    Phillip is the author of the Ivan Monk private eye series.

  • The Arthur Porges Fan Site
    Porges is the writer of mystery and science fiction short stories.

  • Talmage Powell, Author
    Powell was an old-timer who has written for pulp magazines as well as Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine. He passed away on March 09, 2000.

  • The Richard S. Prather/Shell Scott Website
    Prather is the author of the LA private eye Shell Scott mysteries. This site is maintained by Dean Davis.

  • Sandra West Prowell
    Prowell writes the series featuring Phoebe Siegel, a Billings, Montana ex-cop private eye.

  • Ellery Queen Works
    Ellery Queen is a collaborative pseudonym of Frederick Dannay (1905-1982) and Manfred Lee (1905-1971), who wrote the mystery series featuring Ellery Queen, mystery writer-sleuth.

  • Ellery Queen, a website on deduction
    Another Ellery Queen fan site.

  • Ellery Queen -- The TV Series Companion
    This TV series stars Jim Hutton as Ellery Queen.

  • Manuel Ramos: Chicano Crime Fiction
    Ramos is the author of the Luis Montez (Denver attorney) mystery series.

  • Ian Rankin in His Own Words
    Rankin is the author of the John Rebus mysteries.

  • Ian Rankin Web Site
    This site is mananged by his American publisher, St. Martin's/Minotaur Books.

  • Ian
    This site is his real official website.

  • James Reasoner
    James Reasoner writes mysteries and the World War II series.

  • Sam Reaves
    Reaves is the author of the Cooper MacLeish (Chicago taxi driver) mysteries. You can find out whatever happened to Sam Reaves.

  • Mary and Eric's Home Page
    Mary Reed and Eric Mayer write the John the Eunuch mysteries and the Inspector Dorj mysteries.

  • Kathy Reichs
    Reich is the bestselling author of the Dr. Temperance Brennan (forensic anthropologist for the Province of Quebec) mysteries.

  • Nebraska...and More
    William J. Reynolds is the author of the Nebraska private eye series.

  • Rick Riordan's Homepage
    Riordan is the author of the private eye Tres Navarre series.

  • Gillian Roberts -- Mystery Author
    Gillian Roberts is the author of the Amanda Pepper mysteries.

  • Les Roberts
    Les Roberts is the author of the two private eye series; one featuring Saxon and another Milan Jacovich.

  • Lora Roberts
    Lora Roberts is the author of the Liz Sullivan series.

  • Lynda S. Robinson
    Robinson is the author of the Lord Meren series of ancient Egyptian mysteries.

  • Peter Robinson----Thanks for a link to TGS
    Now Robinson, who writes the Inspector Banks mysteries, has his own web site as well as one at the Putnam/Berkley home page.

  • Chris Rogers: The Official Home Page of Suspense Author
    Rogers is the author of the Dixie Flannigan (a female bounty hunter of Texas) mystery series.

  • The Avram Cohen Mystery Series----Thanks for a link to TGS
    Robert Rosenberg writes the Avram Cohen novels in Israel. You can read his two novels at this site, with his third novel, HOUSE OF GUILT (Scribner, 1996), just published.

  • Kate Ross Home Page
    Sadly Kate Ross passed away on March 12, 1998 at the age of 41. She wrote four Julian Kestrel (a Regency dandy) novels set in the 1820's London.

  • The Official S. J. Rozan Web Site
    Rozan is the author of the Lydia Chin/Bill Smith private eye series, or, some may prefer, of the two separate series.

  • Greg's Bear Cave
    Greg Rucka is the author of the New York body-guard Atticus Kodiak mystery series.

  • James Sallis Home Page
    Sallis is the author of the Lew Griffith mystery novels.

  • The John Sandford Homepage
    John Sanford writes the best-selling Lucas Davenport novels. This site is maintained by his son Roswell Anthony Camp.

  • Walter Satterthwait Homepage ----Thanks for a link to TGS
    Walter Satterthwait is the author of ESCAPADE with Harry Houdini and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle investigating a locked-room murder, and of the Joshua Croft private eye novels.

  • Steven Saylor Web Site
    Saylor is famous for his Roma Sub Rosa novels featuring Gordianus the Finder.

  • Frederick Schofield
    New Hope Books, Inc. presents the works of Frederick Schofield.

  • Bernard Schopen
    Shopen is the author of the Jack Ross private eye novels. Shopen is a Ross Macdonald scholar and Jack Ross is like Lew Archer.

  • Sandra Scoppettone
    Scoppettone writes the series featuring Lauren Laurano, a Greenwich Village lesbian private eye. She once wrote mysteries under the name of Jack Early, who has died according to Scoppettone.

  • Lisa Scottoline
    Scottoline is the author of legal suspense novels.

  • Barbara Seranella's Home Page
    Seranella is the author of the Miranda "Munch" Mancini mystery series.

  • John Shannon's Jack Liffey Mysteries
    Jack Liffey is a Los Angeles private eye.

  • The Official Malcolm Shuman Home Site
    Shuman writes archeological mysteries.

  • Linda Kay Silva
    Silva is the author of a detective series featuring Delta Stevens.

  • Dan Simmons Official Website
    Simmons is famous for his science fiction, but he has started writing mysteries.

  • Roger L. Simon
    Simon is the author of the Moses Wine mysteries (newest is DIRECTOR'S CUT) and screenwriter.

  • Shelley Singer
    Singer is the author of the Jake Samson/Rosie Vicente detective series and the Barrett Lake series.

  • The Website of Author Robert Skinner
    Skinner is the Wesley Farrell mysteries set in Depression-era New Orleans.

  • Casa Mysteriso
    This is the site managed by Julie Smith, the author of the Skip Langdon mysteries.

  • Books by Martin Cruz Smith
    Smith is the award-winning bestseller author of the Roman Grey series and the Arkady Renko series.

  • Keith Snyder's SHOW CONTROL
    Snyder wrote SHOW CONTROL (Write Way Publishing, 1996), his first mystery novel about a musician who looks into the onstage death of a perfomance artist.

  • Barbara Sohmers' Mysteries
    Sohmers is the author of the Maggy and Fred Renard mysteries.

  • Troy Soos Home Page
    Soos is the writer of the Mickey Rawling historical baseball mysteries.

  • Walter
    Sorrells is the author of the Sunny Childs private eye novels written under the female pseudonym of Ruth Birmingham.

  • Mickey Spillane's Unofficial Mike Hammer Website
    It is easy.

  • Elizabeth Daniels Squire
    Squire is the author of the Peaches Dann mysteries.

  • Dana Stabenow's Home Page
    Stabenow writes the Kate Shugak series and the new Liam Campbell series, both set in Alaska. It features excerpts from her upcoming novels among other things.

  • The Violent World of Parker
    Richard Stark (aka. Donald E. Westlake) has started to write the Parker novels again after the 23-year hiatus.

  • Richard Stevenson Mysteries
    Stevenson is the author of the gay private eye Donald Strachey mysteries.

  • The Nero Wolfe Web Site
    Nero Wolfe is the fat gourmet detective created by Rex Stout. This series is recently dramatized on TV as Nero Wolfe.

  • Andy Straka
    Straka is the author of the falconer-private eye Frank Pavlicek mystery series.

  • John Straley, Alaskan Mystery Writer
    Straley is the author of the Cecil Younger private eye series.

  • Jesse Sublett: Writer & Musician
    Sublett is the author of the Martin Fender austin blues bass player and skip tracer) mystery series.

  • Mark Sullivan
    Sullivan is the author of a thriller called LABYRINTH.

  • Doug Swanson
    Swanson is the author of the Jack Flippo private eye novels.

  • The William G. Tapply Page of Invisible Writing
    Tapply is the author of the Brady Coyne mystery series.

  • Andrew Taylor----Thanks for a link to TGS
    Taylor is the award winning British author of over 20 crime novels, including the Lydmouth series, the Dougal series, the Roth Trilogy and the Blaines Trilogy.

  • Sarah Stewart Taylor Taylor is the author of O' ARTFUL DEATH (St. Martin's).

  • The Home Page of L. L. Thrasher
    Thrasher is the author of the Lizbet Lange series and the Zachariah Smith series.

  • The World of Nick Sharman
    Mark Timlin is the author of the Nick Sharman private eye series.

  • Cecelia Tishy Online
    The digital home of Cecelila Tishy, author of the Kate Banning mystery series.

  • Elise Title
    Title is the author of CONVICTION (ST. MARTIN'S, 2004) featuring Boston corrections officer Natalie "Nat" Price.

  • Sister Fidelma Mysteries - Official Website
    Peter Tremayne is the author of the Sister Fidelma historical mysteries set in the 7th Century Ireland. You can become a member of The International Sister Fidelma Society.

  • Kathy Hogan Trocheck
    Kathy Hogan Trocheck is the author of two series: one featuring Callahan Garrity, the other Truman Kicklighter.

  • The Zero
    Now this site has become the OFFICIAL Home Page for Andrew Vachss. The other site promotes the latest Burke novel, CHOICE OF EVIL (1999).

  • The Jonathan Valin Connection
    Valin is the author of the private eye Harry Stoner series.

  • Janwillem van de Wetering--Mystery Writer
    Van de Wetering is the author of the Amsterdam police procedural mysteries.

  • Judith Van Gieson and her creatures
    Van Gieson is the author of the Neil Hamel (female lawyer) and the Claire Reynier (book collector and librarian) mysteries.

  • Nathan Walpow
    Walpow is the author of the Joe Portugal botanical mysteries.

  • L. J. Washburn
    Washburn, author of the Lucas Hallan mysteries, also writes romances under the names of Livia Reasoner and Elizabeth Hallam.

  • The Tamara Hayle Mysteries
    Valerie Wilson Wesley is the author of the Tamara Hayle (female private eye) mysteries.

  • Donald Westlake: Author
    This is THE official Donald E. Westlake website. Finally, Westlake has gone online! He reveals himself in a funny way. Visit MGM's WHAT'S THE WORST THAT COULD HAPPEN movie site.

  • The Somewhat Official Donald E. Westlake Page
    Weslake is the author of the Dortmunder comic mysteries and of the Parker caper novels.

  • Home Of Westlake
    Another fan website of Donald E. Westlake, also known as Richard Stark.

  • Donald Westlake Checklist
    The title says it all.

  • Carolyn Wheat's Home Page
    Carolyn Wheat is the author of the Cass Jameson mysteries.

  • The Offical Web Site for Bestselling Author Stephen White
    White is the author of THE PROGRAM (2001).

  • Polly Whitney
    Whitney is the author of the Until series and the Farewill series (under the pseudonym of Hialeah Jackson)

  • The Crime Fiction of Fred Willard
    Willard has written his first mystery novel, DOWN ON PONCE.

  • Charles Willeford
    Willeford is the late cult writer of the Hoke Moseley series. It has a sub web site THE WOMAN CHASER, for the novel was made into a movie in 1999. One of his publishers, Dennis McMillan also has a Charles Willeford site.

  • John Morgan Wilson's Home Page
    Wilson is the author of the Benjamin Justice mysteries.

  • Crimes Against Literature
    This Don Winslow is a mystery writer of the Neal Carey novels, not an erotica writer.

  • Valerie Wolzien
    Valerie Wolzien is the author of two series: suburban housewife Susan Henshaw and carpenter and single mom Josie Pigeion.

  • The Womack Web----Thanks for a link to TGS
    Steven Womack writes the series featuring Harry James Denton, private eye.

  • Paula Woods' Web Site
    Woods is the author of the Charlotte Justice mystery series.

  • The Stuart Woods Website
    Woods writes bestseller novels featuring Stone Barrington.



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