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Yasuko-san and her family

My mother, Yasuko-san, was born and grew up in Takaoka, Toyama, Japan (her personal history). She prepares good old home cooked meals such as "Nimono" (simmered vegetables) etc. and enjoys entertaining friends at dinner.。

Tomi is Yasuko-san's partner. An evening drink is pleasure in nothing for him (Sake diary) Their son, Deco, his partner Chie and son Otama are live in Kyoto. I, Poco is daughter of Yasuko-san and maintaining this site. At last, most important family is Poco cat.

Please taste Yasuko-san's world at your leisure!

Toyama and Local cuisine

Drawing: Toyama

Masao-san, Yasuko-san's father, used to say "You eat local cuisine and you'll not get sick." That is because local ingrediants are fresh.

This very blessed with fine local ingradients being especially fond of our seafood. From the past till today there has been an influx of many foreign foods from other regions but the Toyama people still maintain that "Our seafoods is the best".

Certainly, Toyama's seafood is very good. Toyama bay is the deepest bay in Japan, 1000 meters (3,000 feet) deep. Toyama bay is also a crossing point of warm and cold currents. The local waters are very rich in seafood - yellowtail, pacific cod, sparkling enop squid, noethern shrimp, sardine, whelk and giant oyster.

Toyama is also well-known for its good water that is basis of a cooking. Some of rivers from the peaks of Tateyama 3000 meters (10,000 feet) height above sea level run through Toyama plain and grow good rice and good sake. In early spring, royal fern and bracken put out sprouts with snow melting.

Height from the top of mountain to the bottom of sea is very 4000 meters (4400 yards), but its distance is only 50 km or 60 km (30 mi or 36 mi). This is secret of rich ingradients. We've thought how to cook those ingredients and have transmissioned to next age.

Since konbu and herring were brought from Hokaido by excursion boat Kitamae-sen in the Edo era (1603 - 1867), those have been necessary to Toyama's cuisine. In Toyama, we consume konbu than other area in Japan. It shows enthusiasm for good cuisine.

from Administrator

A start was my wish to leave on record many recipes of my mother who is good at traditional Japanese cooking. In those days internet began to spread, I made use of this convenient network to send information on the web.

There is floods of various food culture these days. So "home cooking" seems to be buried in these. It is indeed an interesting to enjoy foreign cooking. However, I think our local cuisine should be consist as fandation. I want to hand down importance of home cooking on this web site.

Some unskilled illustration in this site are drawed by my own handwriting (mouse). When I was a schoolchild, I spent my time drawing on the textbook or notebook during a class except physical education and arts and crafts. But in this world you never know what may turn out to your advantage. I think I can create an atmosphere my own...

There are many cat's illustration in this site, because I love cat. A model is Poco who came my house just a year ago from start of this site. She may have hit by a car, she couldn't move by herself and was dying. Looking back now, it's an incredible story. She grew up good cat. When I sit at my PC, she always jumped onto my lap and disturb me. Although she is goof and stupidity, instead, it is heartwarming. She is indispensable partner for me and my family.