Drawing: Kitchen

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The remodeling of the kitchen

We rebuilt a living room in winter, 2003, and also redecorated the kitchen entirely. Although the total basic constitution was just similar, the floor of the plastic tension into tree tension, the circumference around sink into carving wood from stainless steel, the closet into a wooden thing. We just left the wall of egg-colored tile and the cupboard (Yasuko-san elaborated a plan, and carpenter make it 25 years ago) which was installed to partition off a living room and a kitchen.

Outside the window, we installed the eaves which there was not till then. Thanks to this, we got possible to put and aired a cutting board or a colander without worrying about the rain.

It was failure to have opened the bottom of the sink. Because moisture is terrible, in Hokuriku, the things under the sink become full of mold in no time in the rainy season in particular. When we redecorated the washstand after, we made use of a reflection point and opened the bottom of the sink.

Disposed thing from the kitchen for these several years

Rice cooker
It was an opportunity to have obtained a thick copper pot and came to cook rice with a pan since. We noticed that we could cook rice for a short time, delicious immediately and thereafter with a pan. It turned out with dismissal, and the rice cooker was got to a relative. We have cooked rice with various pans since and use earthenware pot habitually recently.
Microwave oven
We thought that we had not gone unless safety such as electromagnetic waves was guaranteed even if it was Ino that was a difference to a convenience if we did not use it as much as possible and disposed of a microwave oven. When we warm the cold dish we use eathenware pot. That's why large and small earthenware pots are prepared in our kitchen.
Refrigerator / Freezer
We disposed of the small refrigerator and freezer which we used for many years. We put it in the storeroom and put the cooking ingredient which did not put in the refrigerator-freezer of the kitchen, but it had become obsolete and made up our mind to took the disposal action against each. Aside from winter, the safekeeping of the cooking ingredient of the summertime was worried about, but if there is not it, there is not it, and it is the thing which I take care of.

The necessities of kitchen

Bamboo colander
light, and lack of water is good, and there is not a so convenient thing.
Earthenware pot
Every earthenware pot is prepared to what is shallow from what is deep from what is small from what is big. There will not be the good pan of the fast-burning than this. Because it gradually heat, of course it participate actively to cooled down. Using earthenware pot we warm dish again, and cooking rice and simmered dish and oden.
We are using a dishwasher for families type of a maker handling kitchen machinery for business use habitually for many years mainly. It was the second of them, but the maker before for a while when it was canceled the handling of a dishwasher for families, and it was a shock very much. Which I will do how if a thing of now fails...


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