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2002 Summer - Hegura Island No.3
Drawing: rough Japan sea
rough Japan sea

Meanwhile, it was near 3 o'clock the ship departure time. Good-bye to ethnologist and his wife who stayed at the island. We heaped our baggage on the rear car again and went to the harbor. It was a very short stay at Hegura Island, but we were enjoying to the full. We wave our hand to the island on the deck "Bye-bye Hegura Island!" Although it was windier, because of fair wind, the ship didn't roll so much. The ship arrived in Wajima on time. Before we go to Noto town, we should drop into a liquor shop "Sake no Takata" which we always buy some good sake. We got some local sake "Senmaida". Wow I found quality sake lees! Of cource, we bought this, too. We arranged to send our purchases by home delivery service.

From Wajima to Noto town, it took just a little over an hour by car. It was shorter way than I had expected. By the way, an inland sea is much different from the open sea at Noto peninsular. The waves are always high in the open sea as against calm sea in inside. I like, if anything, the inside sea.

San-nami (Three waves: it comes from the name of the place) was on a small hill to where we drove up from the national road along the sea. It was one-storied house and there were 3 guest rooms. San-nami had been along the national road before and moved to the current place five years ago. So it was newly-built house still and timber was piled here and there. The landlord will probably enlarge a house from now on. At that time, an open-air bath was building from which you could see the sea.

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On the deck
(2002-8-17 / Tomi)
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Good-bye Hegura Island
(2002-8-17 / Tomi)

Drawing: San-nami village
San-nami village

After we took a bath quickly, we had dinner around the sunken hearth. There are local specialties using fresh seafood and vegetables which grew by themselves. The seasoning was characterized by Ishiri which was made from squid and salt and had peculiar flavor. Although we are all gluttonous, each member of its big eater all smacked their lips over cooking and ate heartily.

At night it was pleasant that the wind blew from the moutain to the sea. Lively night was grewing late with the mixed chorus of singing insect and snoring animals... We waked up refreshingly next morning, and enjoyed good breakfast which was also local specialties. Because it was already dark when we arrived at last night, I didn't notice its location. There are rice and vegetable fields around San-nami, and the quiet sea spreaded beyond them. That exactly meet where I have wanted to live.

We left San-nami for "Flat Bak bakery" which was managed by daughter of San-nami and her Australian husband at the vacant house where the San-nami used to be. There were cafe side by side and we had a cup of coffee after breakfast. Ben who had gentle bule eyes and had been chef in Australia and his capable wife are baking bread using choice selection of materials such as natural yeast organic wheat or rye. The house next door was inn "Flat" which was also managed by them. I want to stay here sometime. To tell the truth, who gave us infomation about San-nami was Mr. Cohen (Australian, too). He live near my house, and we have socialized with Mr. Cohen on a family basis for twenty years. He manage Village Cellars which im∑ports and sales wine. Mr. Cohen, of cource, is friends with Ben. If you stay his inn, you can enjoy Mr. Cohen's wine.

"It was the trip attending a variety of unexpected events, after all, Tomi-Peco tour!" We were enjoying the trip to Hegura and Noto to the full. Thank you for your nice drive, Jun.

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(2002-8-17 / Tomi)
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Gay dinner
(2002-8-17 / Tomi)
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San-nami summary post office
(2002-8-18 / Tomi)

written and illustrated by Poco