Sugar flavored black soybean

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Yasuko-san's father, Masao-san's special favorite
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Yasuko-san's father, Masao-san's special favorite. As he called its soup medicine for a cold and drank all, Kimi-san simmered with cutting down on sugar.



  1. Put soybean and pour 3 cups water. Add 1/3 teaspoons sodium bicarbonate and 1 old nail in pressure cooker. Leave for ovearnight.
  2. Heat (1) and skim form.
  3. Cover with drop-lid and cover with lid and heat.
  4. After weight start to turn, simmer for 10 minutes and stop to heat.
  5. When pressure become flat, take off lid. Add 2/3 cups sugar, a pinch of salt and soy sauce. Cover with drop-lid and simmer for a while.