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When it is cold, one-pot dish is the best

Yose-nabe is a Japanese version of bouillabaisse. Soup stock and ingredients are put in a earthenware pot and heated; four or five persons sit around it, put soup and ingredients from the pot into their own bowls and eat. Typical ingredients include fish, shellfish, a variety of vegetables.

Preparation of Ingredients


  1. Put 4 inch Kombu in earthen pot and pour 2 cups water. Leave for 30 minutes.
  2. Prepare ingredients.
  3. Heat the pot. As soon as water comes to boil, put in white-meat fish fillets and/or sardine ball.
  4. When water comes to boil again, take away harshness. Add 1/2 cup sake and 2/3 tablespoon salt.
  5. At the dinner table, put vegetables and other seafood in order of time required to cook each. When ingredients are cooked, spoon into a small bowl containing ponzu-joyu.


Are you full? Can't you fasten your belt for overeat!? But, wait a minute. Do you forget anything? So, at last you ought to eat ojiya (simmer cooked rice in remains soup) or udon (simmer noodles in remains soup). This is also tasty.