Pickled turnip and yellowtail with malted rice

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The tradition food that an encounter brought

When it is the end of November in an average year, first snow fall in Toyama, turnip and yellowtail begin to be sold. this is a pickle brought by an encounter of the both.


Preparation before 2 days

  1. Pare turnip and cut lenghtwise into four. Divide into 4 part and cut till part of the way in the center. It is easy to cut with put throwaway chopsticks on the both sides of turnip (See picture).
    Drawing: Cut turnip
  2. Put turnip in receptacle with sprinkling salt (just 5% of turnip weight). Push dowm on material with weight (about 6 kgs). Leave on the cool place for 2 days. On the way, when water becomes higher than turnip, take away a part of weight.

Preparation before a half days

  1. Mix boiled rice and koji in th bowl, and leave on the hot place like kotatu for a half day. When it becomes pulpy, cool down.
  2. Sprinkle salt (about 5% of fish weight) on yellowtail fillet and keep for half a day.


  1. Pare carrots and cut into 2 inch matchsticks.
  2. Slice and divide into 32 pieces yellowtail and soak into rice vinegar for a while.
  3. Insert yellowtail in the pickled turnip with salt.
  4. Put turnip, carrot and koji in order into receptacle.
  5. Push dowm on material with weight (about 6 kgs) for 10 days or 2 weeks. On the way, soak up with towel excess water.