Sashimi - squid

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the best when you eat with steaming rice

I am very happy to eat cooked rice with sashimi of squid.



cut squid
cut squid
  1. Cut back of squid along cartilage (take care not to cut cartilage) and open. Take the cartilage, arm,fin and guts out of squid and peel and wash lightly.
  2. Dry body and fin lightly with kitchen towel and cut like a picture.
  3. Wash arm with salt water. Cut one by one and dry lightly with kitchen towel.
  4. Wash shiso leaves and drain.
  5. Grate ginger.
  6. Place shiso leaves in a serving dish, arrange squid slice and add grated ginger on the side. Garnish sashimi pieces with a bit of ginger and dip into soy sauce before eating.

How to make kobu-jime?

Arrange squid slices on the Kombu. And put one more Kombu on. Wrap in a clear-plastic wrap and leave overnight.