Vinegared sparkling enop squid with miso sauce

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When it is spring, we eat once

hitomoji to sparkling enop squid



take eyes and cartilage
take eyes and cartilage
  1. Wash sparkling enop squid by salty water. Take eyes and black part around eye like picture. Pinch the tip of fin by nails and pull out cartilage. Wash lightly and soak into nihaizu.
  2. Cut hitomoji into 1 inch length.
  3. Boil hitomoji lightly (about 1 minutes) with a pinch of salt and drain. When it comes cool, soak into nihaizu.
  4. Put white miso, rice vinegar and sugar in thick saucepan and boil down to a thick sauce. At last, put mustard and stir.
  5. Arrange squid and hitomoji and pour vinegared miso with mustard.