Pickled Chinese cabbage

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Where do you eat from?

Pickled Chinese cabbage is good both of the core and leaves. It is nice to eat plain core with a few drops of soy sauce.
Choose good Chinese cabbage that is heavy and roll tightly. Sun-dried Chinese cabbage is rich in flavor.

Dry in the sun

  1. Make a cut in a root of Chinese cabbage and tear in half by hands.
  2. Again make a cut in a root and tear in half by hands.
  3. Wash Chinese cabbage and drain the water off.
  4. Spread a mat on the sunny place, place Chinese cabbage.
  5. After 2 or 3 hours, turn over Chinese cabbage and dry more 2 or 3 hours.
  6. Photo: sun-dried Chinese cabbage(9,845byte)

Tools for Pickle



  1. Put a handful of salt in the bottom of barrel. Arrange Chinese cabbage by turns as the cut end become upward.
  2. Put a Kombu, yuzu, red pepper and a handful of salt.
  3. Repeat 1) and 2), filled the barrel with the Chinese cabbage. At last, put the rest Kombu yuzu, red pepper and salt.
  4. Photo: Arrange Chinese cabbage
  5. Cover with a lid. Put a weight. Cover with a newspaper.

3 or 4 days later...

Reduce weight to half.
After more 1 or 2 days, Chinese cabbage will be just ready to eat. Best if used by a week.