Pickled radish with rice bran

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Clunchily munch-munch

"Takuan" makes me think of crunchy. After all is said and done, it's best sun-dried takuan.

Dried in the sun

Drawing: Dry radish in the sun
  1. Choose place where a sunny, keep out of the rain and an airy (under the eaves etc.). Hang a pole.
  2. Tie couple of radishes (around center of leaf) with a hemp rope. Cross pole and hang.
  3. Dry in the sun about 2 weeks or 20 days until wilt and easy to curve.
  4. Photo: easy to curve
    When easy to curve, take in the radish.

    Photo: sun-dried radish
    Completed radish. Let's pickle!




  1. Mix well all ingredients except radish and Kombu in the ball.
  2. Put a handful of 1) in the bottom of barrel and spread a Kombu.
  3. Filled the barrel with 5 radishes like a photo.

    Photo: Filled the barrel with 5 radishes

  4. Put a handful of 1) and spread a Kombu again.
  5. Filled the barrel with the rest radishes.
  6. Put a handful of 1) and spread a Kombu again.
  7. Spread with leaves of radish like a photo.

    Photo: Spread with leaves

  8. Put the rest of 1) and spread a Kombu again.
  9. Cover with a lid. Put a weight. Cover with a newspaper.

    Photo: Put a weight

2 weeks later...

Reduce weight to two third.

1 month later...

Let's eat with steaming rice!

When it is spring

Pleasure of only old pickles. We make Simmered old pickled radish with sake-kasu or Old pickled radish with ginger.