Sesame paste

grind sesame with wooden stick

When Yasuko-san was very young, it was child role that held earthenware mortar as Kimi-san, her mother, grinded sesame seeds with wooden stick. Yasuko-san talked about episode of the day while her holding. I liked that I mix sesame paste into cooked rice. When my cousin came my house, He gazed at its black rice in wonder. It looked awful, but it smells sesame and its taste is very nice.



  1. Parch sesame seads in frying pan until pop-ping.
  2. Put parched sesame seeds into earthenware mortar and grind with wooden stick until it becomes paste.
  3. Add sugar and soy sauce or miso, and mix well.

*You can also make white sesame paste using white sesame seeds instead of black one. And you make such as tofu paste with this paste.

Illustration: How to make sesame paste