Stemed Glutinous rice

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A festival cooking

Festival music is carried on wind



  1. Wash rice for take away bran. Leave for 5 hours in the case of new rice and 10 hours in the case of old one.
  2. Drain rice. Boil plenty hot water in a large pan. Open cloth in a bamboo steamer and put rice and wrap in cloth. Steam with medium fire for 15 minutes as the steam always comes out of a steaming basket.
  3. Make the salt water which dissolved one tablespoon of salt in one cup of water well. Move stemed rice to a pail with having wrapped in cloth. Opens cloth and take salt water to rice thoroughly and mixes rice to cut it.
  4. Again, back rice in cloth to bamboo steamer. If you put Sugar flavored black soybean, put soybean on the rice. Steamed more 15 minutes. Steam a little more if still hard.
  5. Open steamed rice to a pail. Put sugar flavored kidney beans or sugar flavored chestnut on the rice. Add 1/2 tablespoon salt and mix it. Sprinkle sesame salt on the finish.


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