Cooking - Vinegared dish

Vinegared beated burdock
Taste soaks into a burdock so as to swat it
Vinegared lotus root
The tooth feeling is the best
Vinegared akazuki
Akazuki becomes surprisingly bright red when pickle it to vinegar.
Vinegared shirasu and grated radish
delicious even if I toss it in salmon roe and mackerel.
Vinegared shredded radish and carrot
A wonder vinegared food to grind of good old taste.
Vinegared soft roe and cucumber
When a fresh soft roe was available, I make this.
Vinegared sparkling enop squid with miso sauce
hitomoji to sparkling enop squid
Vinegared turnip
Yasuko-san call this dish "ya-cha-ra", but she dose not know why it is called so.