Cooking - New Year dishes

Grilled yellowtail with teriyaki sauce
King of Winter in Hokuriku.
Sugar flavored black soybean
Yasuko-san's father, Masao-san's special favorite
Simmered Japanese butterbur
It is simmered dish which full of fragrances of bittersweet spring.
Braised royal fern
The edible wild plant has good affinity with the oil.
Kazunoko (herring roe) is indispensable to the new year dishes.
Vinegared shredded radish and carrot
A wonder vinegared food to grind of good old taste.
Vinegared Turnip
Yasuko-san call this dish "ya-cha-ra", but she dose not know why it is called so.
Pickled turnip and yellowtail with malted rice
The tradition food that an encounter brought