Cooking - Fried dish

Braised hijiki
A side dish with full of nutritive substance
Braized Kiriboshi-daikon and dried Shiitake mushroom
simmer gently
Braised royal fern
The edible wild plant has good affinity with the oil.
Braised yama-kurage
It is delicious even if you cook with fried bean curd or dried shiitake.
Sauteed burdock and beef
A burdock may soften by a smell of the meat
Sauteed eggplant and green pepper with miso
When it is a hot season, this appear on a dining table frequently.
Sauteed Japanese butterbur's leaf with miso
I will make this necessarily when I make food boiled and seasoned of a butterbur
Sauteed lotus root
Crispy side dish
Sauteed potetoes
Finish to have resistance to the teeth.
Sauteed radish's leaf with miso
it's rich in vitamin and really good to eat with rice.
Sauteed radish's peel
Delicious even if you put a sand bar or fried bean curd.
Sauteed udo's peel
If I throw away the flesh, I want to eat its peel. It's so good. For all that, you should dress the fresh with miso.
Scrambled tofu
Colorful supporting actors patronize tofu of the leading role noisily