Cooking - Summer taste

Miso soup - eggplant and somen noodles
miso soup in summer
Grilled horse mackerel with sweet miso
This is absolutely than a grilling fish with salt more delicious.
Simmered pumpkin
Choose the good pumpkin which a durability weight does heavily above all.
Simmered eggplant
It is an all-star representative of summer field greens. After all simple cooking is good.
Simmered thick cucumber with starchy sauce
Cool one is also quite good.
Sauteed eggplant and green pepper with miso
When it is a hot season, this appear on a dining table frequently.
Marinated deep-fried eggplant
If a small eggplant is available, I am at a loss which cooking I will make.
Deep-fried eggplant with sweet miso
It is the most suitable recipe that fry this eggplant
Cucumber with sakekasu
I hope to eat this dish every day in the hot season...
Hyacinth bean with sesame paste
We call also "Tsurimame" this bean
Grilled eggplant
What can taste sweetness of an eggplant slowly and carefully be elaborate.
Soft pickled plum
Ume-boshi are kept at almost all Japanese home.
Lightly-pickled cucumber and cabbage
This is the one of constant pickles which season with ginger.
Lightly-pickled cucumber in soy sauce
An impromptu pickle to be able to simplify very much
Crunch-crunch pickled cucumber
It becomes more delicious when you wait still
Pickled eggplant
Tomi's most favorite dish. He eat up full of bowl.
Lightly-pickled eggplant and cucumber
Standard pickles with summer vegetable.
Shiso miso
Aroma of Shiso leaves and miso whet the appetite.