Cooking - Dressed dish

Sesame paste
Base of dressed dish with sesame paste
Celery and Shirasu salad
A good tidbits for beer and also get along well with rice.
Cucumber with sakekasu
I hope to eat this dish every day in the hot season...
Dressed udo with miso
Slightly bitter taste and refreshing flavor spreads in your mouth.
Egg jelly
It is Peco style that strengthen for taste loosely and plainly.
Garden bean with sesame paste
dressed dish in summer
Grilled eggplant
What can taste sweetness of an eggplant slowly and carefully be elaborate.
Kazunoko (herring roe) is indispensable to the new year dishes "Osechi".
Hyacinth bean with sesame paste
We call also "Tsurimame" this bean
Ohitashi - bracken
At first an edible wild plant is a bracken. At first a bracken is boiled greens with dressing.
Ohitashi - Nabana
Unique resistance to the teeth and sweetness
Ohitashi - spinach and kiriboshi-daikon
Add an accent to sweetness of a dried radish with lowering ginger, and deliciousness doubles.
Old pickled radish with ginger
Ginger matches the pickled radish which became sour well.
Soaked salmon eggs in soy sauce
Top ikura on the steaming cooked rice
Sauteed konjak and karashimentaiko
It is a combination between things splitting open in a mouth.
Shiso miso
Aroma of Shiso leaves and miso whet the appetite.
Spinach with sesame paste
It's all right to boil spinach quickly without losing it's flavor
Tofu paste with vegetables
To make tofu paste properly needs a lot of time and effort.