Cooking - Winter taste

Simmered squid stuffed with rice
One of the proud cooking of Yasuko-san
Rice cooked with pea
We all love this cooked rice.
Rice cooked with bamboo shoots
I have another serving of even several cups.
Grilled squid stuffed with arms and welsh onion
Maybe squid pop when bake it, we call this grilled gun
Simmered bamboo shoots
Next of simmering in miso be elaborate
Simmered bamboo shoots in mis
This is typical dish of bamboo shoots.
Simmered Japanese butterbur
It is simmered dish which full of fragrances of bittersweet spring.
Simmered old pickled radish with sake-kasu
special favorite for Peco
Sauteed udo's peel
If I throw away the flesh, I want to eat its peel. It's so good.
Sauteed Japanese butterbur's leaf with miso
I will make this necessarily when I make food boiled and seasoned of a butterbur.
Deep-fried squid ring
crunchy and elastic
Dressed udo with miso
Slightly bitter taste and refreshing flavor spreads in your mouth.
Ohitashi - Nabana
Soft teeth and sweetness
Old pickled radish with ginger
Ginger matches the pickled radish which became sour well.
Ohitashi - bracken
Vinegared bean paste matches well, too
Vinegared sparkling enop squid with miso sauce
hitomoji to sparkling enop squid
Sashimi - squid
I am very happy to eat cooked rice with sashimi of squid.
Lightly-pickled cucumber and cabbage
This is the one of constant pickles which season with ginger.
Ohagi & Botamochi
Ohagi is a rice cake covered with bean jam, soybean flour or ground sesame.