Cooking - Winter taste

Kimi-san's corn soup
I take a sip and I recall the merry scene.
Miso soup - soft roe with sake-kasu
The soup of the winter of Hokuriku
kimuchi nabe
This is simple cooking, but tasty. This is called "Chige" in Korea, home of kimuchi.
Mizore nabe
The combination of the grated radish is exquisiteness to the deep-fried salmon.
Boiled tofu
This is boiled tofu with nameko mushroom.
When it is cold, one-pot dish is the best
Grilled yellowtail's kama
It is rarely an edible thing
Grilled yellowtail with teriyaki sauce
King of Winter in Hokuriku.
Simmered pumpkin
Choose the good pumpkin which a durability weight does heavily above all.
Simmered yellowtail and radish in miso
Golden combination in Hokuriku winter
Simmered yellowtail in soy sauce
simmer over and over, then you can eat even bone
Simmered cod roe
The feast of the coldest season
Sauteed radish's peel
Delicious even if you put a sand bar or fried bean curd.
Fried radish's leaf with miso
Put a lot of this on the hot rice
Kazunoko (herring roe) is indispensable to the new year dishes "Osechi".
Vinegared shredded radish and carrot
A wonder vinegared food to grind of good old taste.
Vinegared soft roe and cucumber
When a fresh soft roe was available, I make this.
Vinegared Turnip
Yasuko-san call this dish "ya-cha-ra", but she dose not know why it is called so.
Pickled turnip and yellowtail with malted rice
The tradition food that an encounter brought
Lightly-pickled radish's peel
use up the Japanese radish to skin thoroughly.
Pickled radish with rice bran
Clunchily munch-munch
Pickled Chinese cabbage
Sun-dried Chinese cabbage is rich in flavor.
Lightly-pickled Chinese cabbage
Pickles with a lot of yuzu in the cold season.
Sweet & Snack azuki bean soup with rice cake
How to the snack of a cold day?