Cooking - Simmered dish

Sauteed okara
Bean-curd refuse of delicious tofu is delicious again.
Cabbage casserole
A simple cooking, but delicious.
Sauteed and simmered chicken and vegetables
We want to inherit taste of this mother forever.
Simmered bamboo shoots
Next of simmering in miso be elaborate
Simmered bamboo shoots in miso
This is typical dish of bamboo shoots.
Simmered cod roe
Manners are bad, but it is the deliciousness that it covers rice with this, and it is not stopped eating.
Simmered eggplant
It is an all-star representative of summer field greens. After all simple cooking is good.
Simmered flatfish
It's nice to boiled salted and sweetened taste
Simmered Japanese butterbur
It is simmered dish which full of fragrances of bittersweet spring.
Simmered kipper and potatoes
The herring was brought to Toyama in the Edo er
Simmered konjak and scallop
shellfish matches konnyaku wel
Simmered mackerel in miso
mackerel is compatible with miso.
Simmered meat and potatoes
Typical Japanese mom's home cookin
Simmered old pickled radish with sake-kasu
special favorite for Peco
Simmered potato and onion with egg
This is the dish which a grandmother always made.
Simmered pumpkin
Choose the good pumpkin which a durability weight does heavily above all.
Simmered royal fern
Tastiness of dried royal fern
Simmered satoimo
The simmered dish which is delicious when you put shreds of citron
Simmered satoimo and squid
Simmered satoimo and squid
Simmered soybean
Simmer over until Kombu is almost melted.
Simmered sweet potato and grilled welsh onion
Sweet & Snackness combinationof ofgrilled leek and sweet.
Simmered sweet potato and potherb mustard
In my home, as for these boiled vegetables, it is always true with miso taste.
Simmered sweet potato and raisin
Sour-sweetness of raisin strongly enhances sweetness of a sweet potato.
Simmered thick cucumber with starchy sauce
Cool one is also quite good.
Simmered yellowtail and radish in miso
Golden combination in Hokuriku winter
Simeered yellowtail in soy sauce
simmer over and over, then you can eat even bone
Sugar flavored black soybean
Yasuko-san's father, Masao-san's special favorite.
Sugar flavored kidney beans
Both of crushed one and not one are good.