Cooking - Autumn taste

Simmered taro and squid
Even soy sauce taste is miso taste, but please for your preference
Simmered squid stuffed with rice
This is the first dish Yasuko-san's mother "Kimi-san" tried using the pressure cooker.
Stemed Glutinous rice
Festival music is carried on wind
Rice cooked with Japanese chestnut
Rice cooked with Japanese chestnut is wonderful tasty.
Miso soup - akazuki and teteimo
It is a taste to become the habit.
Miso soup - nameko mushrooms and okara
A feeling of appetite of slippery Pholiota nameko fits rough bean-curd refuse well.
Miso soup - grated lotus root
This soup is very good to drink at the time that caught cold because a body warms.
Grilled squid stuffed with arms and welsh onion
Maybe squid pop when bake it, we call this grilled gun
Simmered pumpkin
Choose the good pumpkin which a durability weight does heavily above all.
Cabbage casserole
A simple cooking, but delicious.
Simmered sweet potato with raisin
Sour-sweetness of raisin strongly enhances sweetness of a sweet potato.
Simmered sweet potato and potherb mustard
In my home, as for these boiled vegetables, it is always true with miso taste
Simmered sweet potato and grilled welsh onion
Sweet & Snackness combinationof ofgrilled leek and sweet.
Simmered taro
The simmered dish which is delicious when you put shreds of citron
Simmered mackerel in miso
mackerel is compatible with miso.
Simmered eggplant
It is an all-star representative of summer field greens. After all simple cooking is good.
Simmered kipper and potatoes
The herring was brought to Toyama in the Edo era by trade of a goods-carrying merchant ship
Steamed taro with sweet miso
Simple cooking draws taste of the material.
Sauteed burdock and beef
A burdock may soften by a smell of the meat
Sauteed potetoes
Finish to have resistance to the teeth.
Braised hijiki
A side dish with full of nutritive substance
Sauteed lotus root
Crispy side dish
Marinated deep-fried eggplant
If a small eggplant is available, I am at a loss which cooking I will make.
Deep-fried squid ring
crunchy and elastic
Deep-fried mackerel with sweet vinegar sauce
As far as cooking of the mackerel, this or the simmered in miso are standard.
Deep-fried eggplant with sweet miso
It is the most suitable recipe that fry this eggplant.
Ohitashi - spinach and kiriboshi-daikon
Add an accent to sweetness of a dried radish with lowering ginger, and deliciousness doubles.
Spinach with sesame paste
It's all right to boil spinach quickly without losing it's flavor
Grilled eggplant
What can taste sweetness of an eggplant slowly and carefully be elaborate.
Vinegared akazuki
Akazuki becomes surprisingly bright red when pickle it to vinegar.
Vinegared lotus root
The tooth feeling is the best
Vinegared beated burdock
Taste soaks into a burdock so as to swat it
Ohagi & Botamochi
Ohagi is a rice cake covered with bean jam, soybean flour or ground sesame.
Chestnut chips
Crispy autumn snack
Deep-fried sweet potato with starch syrup
traditional snack